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Tigress In A Jam

by Christopher Riley

as a preserver, locavore, and all around catty pilgrim, seasons have been the focus more often than not on this blog. there are growing seasons for all kindz of fruits and vegetables, and there are growing seasons in one’s life.

i have been in the throes of a major growing season in my own life. my work has upped 100th fold, excitingly so, and though i had every intention of posting over the last 6 months it was quite an impossibility. it took me a long time to come here and write this post, hanging on with all four paws, i didn’t want to let this site – and you – go! from the early can jammer days (you know who you are) and the initial preserving craze, to a more level-headed focus on eating through the seasons, connecting with like-minds by writing this blog has been a great joy.

growing, seasonal eating, preserving, and ultimately caring where my food comes from and how it effects people and animals along the way to my plate will continue to inform the way i eat and live. although i won’t be an active blogger at this time, there is a wealth of information here that i hope you will continue to refer to.

in one week, on sunday the 24th of november, the comment section here will close, i’ve also closed up shop on facebook. twitter is the best way to keep in touch, and pinterest, and instagram too! (ok, ok, i’m not going complete cold turkey – i mean i am a vegetarian after all!)

keep on living what you eat peeps and eating what you live.

yours truly,