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Shizzles With Picklz: Kimchi Steamed Buns

by Christopher Riley

Shizzles With Picklz: Kimchi Steamed Buns

I have a feeling that you peeps might look at this and say wtf? (if you say that sort of thing, of course). if you’re feeling extra conversational you may even be like, “look, i’m putting things in jars and pampering them in hot water baths. you’ve got me fermenting cruciferous veggies and hey, even making yogurt doesn’t look so hard, i’ll give you that. but…

i’m drawing the line at bun making, cat!”

i urge you. take my paw…we can do this together.

i admit, i have a bit of a steamed bun addiction. and if truth be told, i lived off of them for years when i lived in the lower east side. i used to order them almost daily from my favorite neighborhood place. back then, i never even imagined i could make them myself. so if that is what you’re going through right this very moment,

i get it. again, i urge you. take my paw…we can do this together.

once you get the dough and technique down – and trust me i am talking e-a-s-y, you can really put just about anything inside these pillowy buns.

i started filling them with kimchi in a stroke of genius sometime in the fall. thus, after i had the better side of the 75 pounds of cabbage i decided to ferment this past season glaring at me from behind glass jars. kimchi, i have found, is the most convenient and tasty of steamed bun fillings! the hot salty-sourness and slight crunch are the perfect compliment to the melt-in-your-mouth casing.

so, take a deep breath and let’s do this!

if you are anything like me, you will gobble 4-5 of these up in one go. and you’ll be dreaming about when you can eat them next. ok…you can let go of my paw now. no really, let go!

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