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Onionz Limone Chutney

by Christopher Riley

Onionz Limone Chutney

Ya see, onionz was a big talker. until one day, the boss told me to give onionz the silence treatment. know what i’m sayin? i did a real clean job. ’cause that’s what i do. i’m not sayin’ a coupla-few innocents didn’t get caught in the mix.these things happen.regardless, i get the job done.

(ok, i couldn’t wait – we had it last night with rice and a quick indian shrimp stir-fry and it really was the perfect pairing! i served it alongside one of our go to lemon pickles and it was so good we ended up stirring this onionz limone right into our rice and forgoing the lemon pickle altogether! go figure! )

tigress can jam march: allium –  success!
i have a confession to make – i am not a big chutney fan. (there i said it) ok, now that i’ve let the jam out of the jar – i’ll explain that it’s not 100% true. i actually love chutney – the fresh kind, the kind that is served all over the eastern hemisphere in varying degrees. the kind that is traditionally ground between pestle and grinding stone at heights closer to the floor than the counter-top, and taste the best the day they are made.

but the hot water bath preserved kind that stems from the british’s take on the real thing? well, not so much. however, i wanted to push the onion skin for this month’s can jam and find a preserved chutney i could relate to. and lo, at a point or two in the cooking process i was thinking, “oh, no, fail!” but eventually the flavors and textures came together to a seriously mouth-watering condiment. it is sweet yes, but not cloyingly so, and the pungency & spice will bring me back to the preserving pot for this one. i can certainly see it as a larder staple as i imagine it will pair with many-a-things going on in my kitchen. and i dare say it’s prompted me to explore more chutneys of the preserving persuasion.

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