my favorite holiday cookies: butter n’ spice

when it comes to cookies, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite kind includes loads of butter.

if you ask me, cookies were made for butter, and the holidays were made for cookies.

you with me?

the only other thing that sends an (almost) perfect butter cookie over the edge, is the addition of savory spice. i’m talking fennel, cumin and nigella seeds.

it’s a little trick i picked up in india, another one of those genius anglo-indo melds i’m sure. it renders the butter cookie just a tad exotic, and will have your friends and family exclaiming (with glee) as they gather around your holiday hearth, “what have you put in these cookies? they’re delicious, but i can’t quite place the taste.” unless of course they’ve been to india, or they have a spice obsession.

but no matter that they can’t quite place the taste, ’cause they’ll be busy placing another handful of said cookies in their mouths.



and, if you’re a cookie lover, been making holiday cookies lately, have a great cookie recipe to share, want more cookies in your life, want to win one of my fave canning or d.i.y books of 2011, or just plain like to party, then hop on over to my facebook page this thursday december 15th at 7:30pm for my first ever cyber holiday give-away + cookie party!

hope to see you there!

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