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Buttermilk Ricotta

by Christopher Riley

Buttermilk Ricotta

I bet you thought you heard the last of my year’s supply of butter-making didn’t you? yup, you thought i went through all that buttermilk and used up every last drop of cream too even, right? think again. 8 gallons of cream and 2 gallons of buttermilk goes a long way for 1 catty pilgrim.

you see, that cultured buttermilk i had just keeps on giving. as i said over here, you can easily make more of it with what you’ve got. and the cream, ok, yes it’s true, this is the last of it(sad face). i used this final quart of cream, plus a whole gallon of cultured buttermilk to make a big batch of the tastiest ricotta i’ve ever had. take it from this half italian tigress who has ricotta in her blood – i grew up on the stuff – this buttermilk version is swoon-worthy.

this makes a lotta ricotta – close to a full quart. since it lasts only about a week in the fridge at perfect quality, you probably don’t need to make this much. so go ahead, half it. of course, if you’re prone to eating it by the bowlful like me, then you better dairy up!

…basically, i’ve just decided i need a cow.

or, before you do any such thing, you can scoop out a warm and generous hunk and christen your pasta arrabiatta with it. and swoon.

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