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thank you to all who have participated in helping with the fight against factory farming by purchasing from my amazon larder. together we have donated hundreds of dollars to the humane society of the united statesfarm animal protection program. we made a difference!

because i am no longer keeping up with this blog my amazon larder program will discontinue.  however, i will continue to fight against factory farming and i urge you to do the same. keep up the good work peeps!

and please, use my amazon larder as a resource for information on some of the best books on all things preserving, growing and eating!

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  • Joel says:

    Tigress, we’ve known each other for most of the journey. You continue to amaze and inspire me.

    the site is stunning and your offer here; well you’re the shiznit. Just proud to think of you as a friend and love your site, vision and action.

    • tigress says:

      thanks joel – your words mean a lot. i know, even though we’ve not met in person (yet) we’re on a very similar journey when it comes to our thoughts and actions on food consumption – and enjoyment. and the feeling is mutual about the shiznet, and shizzle.

  • Kerry says:

    Great site! Checked out your larder and share much of your book faves. Have you read ‘Canning For A New Generation: Bold Fresh Flavors For The Modern Pantry’? It’s a fun book that celebrates food much like you do.
    And this would require a new category altogether, but have you seen the book ‘The Gentle Art of Domesticity’? It would fall more closely into the DIY, simplified living category and is not strictly food, but it’s also fun, filled with colour, and worth a browse. Oh, and then there’s the really good book Radical Homemakers about the DIY movement…ah, but now I’m really headed down a biodegradable cornstarch fork in the road…

    • tigress says:

      thanks kerry! yes i do have canning for a new generation but have not been able to dig into it much yet so i need to do that before i can add it to my larder for recommendation. and thanks for the other two suggestions – i haven’t heard of them but will definitely check them out!

      looking forward to seeing you around here. :)

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