winter spiced blueberry cake

January 19, 2013


the one very good thing about having pretty much no time to can all summer, and a good sized chest freezer in the cellar is one can acquire a whole lotta frisky summer fruits just waiting for a cake, crumble, grunt, or otherwise sweet baked good to snuggle up with during the long winter months.

since i have five very prolific blueberry bushes my freezer is heavy on the blues. for this cake i wanted to play up their dark side, leaving no memory of their blueberry-pie-and-ice-cream-summer-selves. warming spices and a moist and hefty crumb make this cake deeply satisfying all the way though a lazy winter morning, or one in which the outside cold must be braved before the sun barely overshadows the horizon.


you caught that right? cake for breakfast. it’s really not as sinful as it sounds. it’s just a tad sweet, and loaded with good-for-you berries. i mean, you could drag your muffin pan out and take your precious time to butter and flour every one of those little rounds. and oh! hey! you’re eating a perfectly acceptable breakfast muffin.


but appearances aren’t everything, and more pointedly, i don’t have time to pussy-foot around. i eat cake for breakfast – hear me roar! (roaring aside the cake is really, really good. if you have blues, huckleberries or even plums in your freezer go for it! eat this cake for breakfast!)


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