blue apple jam with fennel & bay

October 2, 2012

i wanted to title this post ‘fall!’ but as any good blogger knows if there’s a recipe in the post you gotta name the recipe in the title or your peeps will never know its there after the post disappears from your homepage, their feed, your facebook timeline, etc.

basically, i just want to say, fall is here mo%*erFU@(Ker$!!! i really, really hope you can get out there and enjoy it. if it’s not fall where you live, then get out there and enjoy whatever season you’re in. and make something with whatever you gotz growing on in your neck of the earth, will ya? …here let me try this again:


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  • Shae says:

    Big, luscious post! Happy fall to you, and it’s so nice to have you back here. :-)

  • kaela says:

    Do you know, I completely missed blueberries this year? Sigh. This looks fab, I love, love bay: it’s very overlooked, IMO.

    (And how did I miss this post when I get your RSS, FB, & Twitter?? Crazy.)

    • tigress says:

      hey you! i guess being ‘connected’ isn’t what it used to be, is it? ;-)

      i love bay also, i grow a little plant every year and pluck off all of the leaves just before i lose the whole thing to the cold N.E. winter.

      blueberries are the only berry i managed to get this year. no strawberries, raspberries or even cherries for me this past season. i think this would work well with blackberries if you managed to snag some of those.

  • Rebecca says:

    I made this yesterday, I love it. It is a wonderfully flavor combination. I’m not a huge fan of bay but in this recipe it works wonderful. The only problem I had was the amount of water, I had to cook it down for a while and still have a syrupy jam. But the flavor makes up for the consistency.

    • tigress says:

      there is something about this flavor combo. i have been eating it like it is going out of style since i made it. sorry to hear about the less than perfect consistency. perhaps the type of apples you used added more water content than the macs i used. that is the thing about jam making – it often varies depending on the fruit used. but i am very happy that you love this jam regardless! :)

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