quick kohlrabi pickles

July 18, 2012

just when i felt the need to confess my lack of jar filling over the past few weeks over here i had an epiphany in the kitchen. well, not quite an epiphany but you get the point – i put something in jars.

we’ve been making a lot of quick stir-frys over the last couple of weeks, having found ourselves with a lot of greens and a desire to cook them up as fast as possible and get outta the kitchen (yes, ’cause we can’t stand the heat). on one such night i saw M searching around the refrigerator shelves exclaiming, “this stir-fry needs a crunchy pickle, what do we have?”

i was like (ahem) ”nada.”

peeps, i have a reputation to uphold, and even though you dear readers are the forgiving type (and M is too of course) there is just something wrong in my world if my husband comes out of the fridge or larder  pickleless!

so you know, i went out to the garden and deftly slayed 3 pounds of kohlrabi, then went down into the cellar and got my paws on an empty half gallon jar. this is what i did:

so you see, pickles, quick!

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  • Eileen says:

    I never know what to do with kohlrabi, but this sounds perfect! I could definitely use more pickles & ferments in my life.

  • Peter says:

    I love kohlrabi. My Mom grew it in her garden, and used it in slaw. I once pickled it with jicama, and it worked surprisingly well. Now I wish I had grown some this year.

    • tigress says:

      it’s certainly not too late to grow some. i do a fall crop which is even sweeter than the spring. in addition to pickling, i eat them out of hand with a bit of salt. love the slaw idea too.

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