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June 19, 2012

ok, i swear i think this is going to be the last of the rhubarb posts for 2012. that isn’t to say that my willy wonka rhubarb patch is not going to continue to give. it’s just, i really do need to move on.  this season has been a busy one for me, busy with work, and i fear even more lack of time to flex my preserving prowess in the coming weeks. :(   i think i may have missed strawberry season entirely in the northeast. (did I?)

but never you mind with that because this little shrub-o-mine consists of one of my absolute favorite flavor combinations. it’s a winner in jam, makes this now famous rhubeena even better. and in this old-fashioned whistle-wetter, it positively shines!

shrubs are about the easiest thing you could ever make. at their simplest they are equal part fruit, sugar, and vinegar. mixed with water or sparkling water they make a refreshing summer drink sans alcohol, or use as a base for a cocktail and you’ve got a whole other party going on. for all you’ve ever wanted to know about shrubs, read this great post over at serious eats.

there’s two ways to make a shrub, either by cooking the fruit, or by what is called the cold-process method. i prefer the cold-process method as it retains the fresh fruit flavor. cold-infused herbs render a much brighter herbal flavor also. plus, you can be lazy about the whole process, which i like.

i’ve got that rhubarb outta the way just in the nick of time, ’cause i got blueberries coming at me! lots of them! (as long as i can keep the birds at bay) wait! did i just say blueberries & bay?!  that sounds like another perfect shrub combo!

see how nice things can be?

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  • Sounds lovely and a perfect drink during our extreme heat warning! When you say lavender sprigs, no flowers, do you mean just leaves? I’ve never used lavender leaves before. And for 10 lavender flowers, you mean 10 stalks with all the flowers, not just 10 individual buds, right? Just checking – thanks! (…do you prefer one over the other?)I’m off to scavenge the rhubarb and see if I can gather enough…

    • tigress says:

      when i say sprig i mean use a sprig of just leaves right before the flower shoots out. so each sprig can be about 4 or so inches long and will have a bunch of individual leaves. i usually end up using sprigs because i love the flavor combo of rhubarb & lavender and my lavender is never in bloom when my rhubarb needs tending too. the sprigs have a wonderful flavor so there is no loss there. they are just a little less strong then a full flower. and yes, by flowers i mean the stalks with all the little tiny flowers on them. so 10 of them would be 10 full stalks. go get that rhubarb and make this shrub! :)

  • Ragna says:

    Sounds delicious!
    We are trying to get rid of our city house in The Hague and then move to the country if we can.
    Reading your blogs is what I do to keep me busy in the mean time, dreaming of my own Willy Wonka Rhubarb Patch.
    Thank you!

    • tigress says:

      a country house in the netherlands sounds awesome ragna! i hope it is yours someday soon! and so glad you are enjoying my blogs!

  • Pat Benson says:

    Someday I’ll try the shrub. With the last of the rhubarb here I made your “Krack” and served it at brunch. Delish! I sent everyone home with a big ole hunk and just finished the last bit myself. Thanks:)

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