salt & pepper preserved kumquats

January 29, 2012

this is so simply a play on the ubiquitous preserved lemons. those same preserved lemons that i rinse, chop, and throw on everything with either a grain, green or bean all winter. yes, the ones that everyone does with just salt, but my favorite version has a bit more oomph than that. of course.

feeling a bit oomph deprived lately, and having just gotten my paws on 10 lbs of the most wonderful kumquats i think i’ve ever tasted. i’ve come up with this:

how’s that for a winter staple?

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  • kaela says:

    You know you're going to make me order some kumquats, right?? Gorgeous!

  • JensRad says:

    They don't get much more organic than the ones growing on the tree in my yard, I'm SO excited to try this! They'll go along side the jars of candied ones I use in cocktails all summer long – kumquat mojito anyone? Absolutely divine!

  • tigress says:

    you better do it! ;)

  • tigress says:

    i must say that i am quite envious that you have a kumquat tree. good for you!

  • rcakewalk says:

    I just got another 3/4 lb. of kumquat this morning, considering another small marm batch. I saw this thumbnail yesterday and didn't read it til just now (and I'm not a preserved lemon fan but desperately want to be…) so I think I'm going to do a little batch of these instead. I'm hoping to love them and thank you in buckets!!

  • tigress says:

    yes I am totally hoping for that too! it's all about how you actually use them IMO.

  • Shae says:

    I don't know if I'll get kumquats this year, but these shot right to the top of the list of things I want to make the next time I do.

  • b_wubbins says:

    I am new at pickling and just tried these. I am going to eat them today but a bit nervous since they have not been refrigerated or pressure canned. Any thoughts

  • tigress says:

    pickles like these have been made in just this way – no refrigeration or 'canning – for hundreds of years in countries around the world. low acid foods that are not canned correctly are much more suspect than a pickle like this. dig in!

  • Dawn says:

    This post inspired me to go search out kumquats. I now have a small jar of salt and pepper kumquats soaking up the sun on my kitchen table. I tried one yesterday and while I think they can use a couple more days, I also think I didn’t buy nearly enough kumquats!

  • fay says:

    I’m kind of wondering if I could just do this in my fermentation crock. . .

    • tigress says:

      hi fay, yes i think you can go for it in your fermentation crock. just make sure to mix them daily. enjoy!

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