strawberry crème fraîche ice cream

June 16, 2011

if you happened to be following what i’ve dubbed ‘the butter chronicles’ over here and here, then you know that there’s a lotta bright and deep colored butter in my future. lovingly made by me (and M) from the milk of happy spring-grass munching jersey cows. if you’ve been hanging around here long enough then you may have picked up that I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!

sorry to shout – i just get so excited.

then how, says you, can i have all that luscious dairy dripping around my crib and not use a wee bit for my paws-down favorite dessert?

i can’t. i couldn’t. i didn’t.

but first, if you don’t have an ice cream maker and you love ice cream then i must tell you about this one. it practically lives on my kitchen counter all summer. it makes ice cream making way easier than pie. (and hell, if you really want to win friends and influence people make ice cream and pie for dessert). it’s worth it’s weight in gold for my summers, so the price didn’t bother me. but i can tell you this; there is no doubt that it will be on deep sale at the end of the summer. so if you can’t swing the coins be on the look-out in september and you’ll be prepared next summer.

back to the berries:

as luck would have it, early-glow strawberries blushed into season at my local u-pick farm just as i was nearing the butter-making end. i kept one half gallon of cream on reserve in the fridge, and a quart of crème fraîche too. that, sugar and the mighty berries are pretty much all that’s needed for this decadent frozen delight.

and you’ll want a small shot of kirsch too, for the texture. you can use vodka if you don’t have it. it works the same way.

…grab a lemon from the fridge on your way over. let’s get this party started.

you’re welcome.

you’ll want to pull this one out again in another month or so, because that’s when peaches roll in. and peaches & crème fraîche…duh! yah man!

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  • ValHalla says:

    YES! I am so psyched that ice cream making season is here. This seems like a perfect base for making all sorts of flavors. I just ordered Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home so I can master eggless ice cream, because who wants to make custard in summer?

  • Pat B. says:

    I love the Ice Cream maker and sometimes you can find it with 2 bowls so you are always ready to churn away. I gotsta get my creme fraiche going!

  • elizabeth says:

    It's really ice cream weather, and this one looks like a real keeper! I love creme fraiche . . .

  • Sophie says:

    That looks and sounds fabulous. I never heard of Kirsh before. I'm anxious to try it out.

    Thanks for the push–I just put my insulated bowl in the freezer!

  • Laura [Novelbite] says:

    I just made a very close cousin to this ice cream (kirsch and all, thank you David Lebovitz), but subbed greek yogurt for the creme fraiche: slightly healthier but definitely not as creamy. I love the color – definitely "strawberries and cream"! Thanks for sharing!

  • Joyful Things says:

    I just found your blogs and I am so excited! Your recipes look wonderful and I can hardly wait to have the time to view through your older posts. Sour cherry jam, strawberry creme fraiche ice cream, ghee, hot peppers and garlic scapes. Thank you!

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