cultured butter (and crème fraîche)

June 12, 2011

…the butter chronicles continue.

i am happy to report that sore shoulders (me) churner’s elbow (M) and one broken lehman’s best butter churn later, M and i have buttered our way through 8 gallons of cream! (if you need to catch up start here)

see this?

it’s a vat o’ crème fraîche. do you know how hard it is not to just stick your face into a vat o’ crème fraîche when it is sitting on your kitchen table?

i do.

oh gosh, there’s just so much to roar about today!

and speaking of paws (i was, wasn’t i?) i gotz mine on the first strawberries of the season up here in the berkshires.

local strawberries + crème fraîche made from local cow’s cream + local maple sugar =

gobbling tigress.

there’s really nothing more i can say.

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  • Janie says:

    Congratulations on finishing! It looks delicious…wish I had a farmer near by! (I Love fresh buttermilk!)

  • rcakewalk says:

    Would you also freeze the cultured butter? Would freezing affect the beasties goodness? Just curious…

    I am overwhelmingly jealous of all you raw milk getters, but am meanwhilst thankful for the organic cream line milk I am able to procure through my co-op. It's non-homogenized, and 1/3 unpasteurized, and the best I can get. It's expensive as all get out tho, and this is why I've yet to buttermake myself. All of your beautiful pics, however, make me make room in the budget for cream.

  • tigress says:

    janie – thank you!

    rcakewalk – yes i most certainly do freeze my cultured butter. i did half of the eight gallons sweet butter, and half cultured butter. the sweet i will use for baking and ghee, because the very high temps of cooking does kill the little beasties. but freezing is fine and i have many a jelly jar full of cultured butter in my freezer right now for the year to come.

    …don't forget when you make the butter you can use the buttermilk from it, so nothing goes to waste, which helps when you think about cost.

  • Anonymous says:

    How long will the frozen butter last?

  • SarahH says:

    Can you freeze buttermilk too?

  • tigress says:

    anonymous – it will last for about a year in a very cold freezer with no change in quality.

    sarahh – the buttermilk will not freeze well. but it lasts for a good few weeks in fridge. I have another trick up my paw to use up all that buttermilk which I plan to bring to you shortly!

  • Olavo Marques says:

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  • catpower says:

    great blog. following :D

  • Rishabh says:

    excellent recepie..

  • Pacheco says:

    Looks delicious! This is such a good blog.

  • Michelle @ The Parent Vortex says:

    I love how your hand is blurry – gobbling indeed. :)

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