nectarine preserves with summer savory & white pepper

August 18, 2010

i’ve got a confession to make.

i’m a butt girl.

that’s right. the juicier the better.

…peachy little butts that is.

i’m not picky about picking these lusciously sweet, seductively shaped

naughty little freestones or clingstones. they’re all just peachy to me.

i put these beauties in a jar quick – before they got away.

the taste is unadulterated nectarine, lusty and sweet, with just a touch of heat & savory.


and trust me i know it’s hard, but please, once you get a taste…

control yourself.

if you’re like me, and you cannot get enough of these perfect fruits, check out the following blogs. ’cause there’s a whole lotta good recipes & tips about stone fruits in celebration of summerfest 2010! while you’re at it, don’t forget to let us all know in the comment sections how these cuties like to be had in your neck o’ the woods.




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next wednesday is the last week of summerfest 2010 – we’re celebrating tomatoes! and guess, what? the can jammers are jammin’ on tomatoes this month too. which means, next week over here, tomatoes will be hella all over the place!!

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