can jam round-up august: tomatoes

August 25, 2010

photo cafe del manolo

tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! for many the king of vegetables (even though we all know it’s a fruit don’t we?) grown for putting up.

just as the mighty tomato straddles the veggie-fruit kingdoms, it also straddles the level of acidity needed to safely water bath can. a lot of old recipes don’t add acid before hot water bath canning, but modern times call for such measures. so if you’re trying this at home, make sure to use a source that follows the current USDA guidelines. or go straight to the source yourself. have a look here to find out why i’m roaring about this.

…and on to the recipes!

photo the kitchenette

tomatoes straight up

bottled tomatoes - laundry etc
i like the addition of balsamic, and the jam, ooh the jam looks sweet! :)

canned whole tomatoes – the kitchenette
good for you, your photos rock and i love that you just did another canning virgin thing!

crushed tomatoes – bigger than a breadbox
i hope you’ll be thinkin’ of me during the winter when you sit down to a nice hot bowl of tomato something-or-other!

crushed tomatoes – wine book girl
ooh! bloody mary with homemade tomato juice and dilly beans. yikes! thanks for that – i’m in trouble.

stewed tomatoes – well preserved
a lovely basic tomato canning recipe and lots wonderful tips on canning in general. good stuff!

tomato halves – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here!
jane loves canning tomatoes i see, ’cause she gave us basic tomato sauce, salsa and ketchup. guess we better catch up, huh?

tomatoes packed in water – rufus and clementine
ya see nik (i do see that you saw) when it comes to tomatoes simple is usually better. there’s time to get fancy when you open the jar.

photo what julia ate


ketchup – market life sf
very good tip on subbing in some cherries, and the fennel looks like a nice addition. can you taste it in the finished product?

ketchup – sustainable pantry
i’m so glad i’m not the only one around here not afraid of a little labor! yes, it’s so worth it!

ketchup – putting by
more homemade ketchup! you people are all caught up in the ketchin’ up! sounds like it was a hit, and just a little less celery seed next time! and this just in: bbq sauce!

orange tang ketchup – hip girl’s guide to homemaking
this ketchup is gorgeous! the color, and i am so down for small batch anything miss kickass! (oh, and peeps, watch the clip!)

spicy ketchup – locally preserved
this looks nice, immersion blenders are where it’s at, no? …and i like the spice! :)

tomato ketchup – what julia ate
if i had a jar of this it would be all over my scrambled eggs! what? yeah right, like you don’t. ;)

photo showfood chef

jams, butters & chutneys

cowboy tomato jam – showfood chef
i love me a fiesty little jam! the spice combo looks wonderful, and that photo too!

heirloom tomato jam
- the cosmic cowgirl
this jam looks wonderful, and even more wonderful news is that you will be selling this and many other home canned goodies very soon! viva la confituras!

new england tomato chutney – toronto tasting notes
i like it, and i like the northeast locavore variation of blueberries and maple syrup instead of raisins and brown sugar even better! now that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

tomato basil jam – leena eats this blog
well i do agree with you, if a jam can be sexy this one sure is; sweet, chunky and not afraid of little cheese. ;)

tomato butter – food in jars
a buttery ketchup indeed! a little worried about the acidity level. what’d ya find out?

tomato jam – backyard farms
my mouth watered when i looked at the last photo. srsly. looks like the ultimate ‘cocktail’ sauce.

tomato preserves – cafe libby
that preserve looks sweet! but the stories are even sweeter of your dad, and your wedding. happy august!

photo sugar crafter


ancho chili tomato salsa – prospect: the pantry
…a kick and a smokey aftertaste – do you have my address?

fire roasted salsa negra – married with dinner
so sorry for the greenies, :( that is a bummer. curry pickle some! as far as your salsa goes…be still my heart. oh, and thanks for reminding me about that dude (rick) been meaning to check him out.

house salsa – sugarcrafter
why yes i do agree with you, why not have a house salsa? and yes, tweak the spices to make it your own, but veggie amounts should remind the same in relation to the acid in trusted recipes.

roasted tomato and chipotle salsa – local kitchen
if you would like a milder salsa…? i
know you’re not talking to me! anything roasted & hot sounds perfecto in my book.

salsa – my caffeine diary
so glad you like your salsa! straight up from the reliable ole’ ball blue!

salsa #5 - mother’s kitchen
can i just say, i love how you ‘shoot from the hip’ with your posts. i find them hilarious, informative and warming. and lou bega – ha!

spicy tomato salsa – family & food
i’m with you, it’s gotta be better than store bought, or at least better for you!

photo knit & knosh

green tomatoes and tomatillos

curried green zebras – tigress in a pickle
yeah i know i don’t eat meat, but i can eat zebras too – as long as they’re curried! :)

fire roasted salsa verde – put a lid on it
i share your exact same fantasy and your sentiment on BPA and store bought canned tomatoes. i have not gotten anywhere near the 52 jars, but girls (and tigresses) can dream, can’t they? and btw your salsa verde is no chopped liver! :)

salsa verde – doris and jilly cook
just when you thought it was safe to go in the water – it is! check this finding on hot water bath canning tomatillos

salsa verde – knit and knosh
i love your enthusiasm! have the book, will try…i might just need to start growing tomatillos again!

photo putting by

sauces, etc.

chipotle barbaque sauce - cafe manolo
oh my! this sounds divine. and those jars looks gorgeous. and all those other tomato-y things you have up your sleeve for this summer sound good too!

chunky basil pasta sauce – just the right size
i am so with that logical progression of canning. good to know this is a tried and true recipe!

dilly tomatoes – simply loving home
purple garlic, green tomatoes, very dr. seuss, i like it! and how great that pickling brings back fond memories!

golden treasure drink syrup – the artisanry of acorn cottage
and i thought mine was exotic.

gumbo – mock paper scissors
if you don’t have a pH meter and know how to use it, don’t try this at home. i am worried that the acidity level could pose a problem – safest to stick to exact recipes that follow the usda guidelines for low acid foods.

lots of canned stuff but not tomatoes – grow and resist
said local you can jammer you. and anyway peaches are like sweet tomatoes, kind of.

mango chipotle bbq sauce – flamingo musings
mangos are so floridian – i love it! but please, don’t laugh at our misfortune, i
know you’ll be stoking your tan while i’m stoking a fire! ;)

pizza sauce – oh, briggsy…
there is a lot going on in that kitchen of yours. whew! i was looking for an intermission! but it’s all good, and looks like your pizza sauce is too!

pizza sauce – robbing peter
see there you go, you can have quick and easy pizza whenever you want. the pain of letting go was worth it, no? ;)

roasted vegetable pasta sauce – breadmaking with the break experience
hmm, you made sure you had some extra that you couldn’t can, didn’t you? ’cause that sauce looks good!

tomatoes three ways – notes from a country girl living in the city
salsa, sauce and ketchup. choices, country girl, we like choices!

…i can happily say that there are a lot o’ tomatoes still ripening in my garden. i’m not done putting these little babies in jars yet this summer! and i’ll be referring back to this page myself when i do!

but wait! there’s more! don’t forget to check out the tigress can jam flickr group
for some lovely photos on getting tomatoes into jars.

can jammers, kate of hip girls guide to homemaking has so graciously agreed to be september’s food in focus chooser. pop on over to her blog, ’cause she’ll be telling you all about it by this friday at midnight. please note: recipes must be posted between sunday september 12th and friday september 17th to qualify, with midnight friday the 17th being the deadline. for everyone else, do check back on wednesday september 22nd to see what we’ve been having a ball about!

yes, i know it’s a mouthful, but get this:

it’s the last week of summerfest peeps so check out my fellow bloggers take on tomatoes. and let us all know how you’re cooking and preserving tomatoes at your place in the comment sections!





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ok, bye!


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