can jam april round-up: herbs

April 28, 2010

photo hitchhiking to heaven

i want to start this post by giving honorable mention to a lovely blogger & tenacious canner, shae from hitchhiking to heaven. shae emailed me sometime past the entry deadline for the can jam and much as i wanted to, i had to have a cut off date so i couldn’t enroll her as an official can jammer. but she has been jammin’ along with us and posting her posts during the required posting time each month. please do have a look at her scrumptious apple mint nasturtium jelly and all the cannin’ she’s been doing for the jam!

ok, i’m so excited i can’t keep quiet about it!!! the linda ziedrich of the famed the joy of pickling and more recently, the joy of jams, jellies & other sweet preserves has so graciously agreed to do an interview with me which i will be posting here next month! so stay tuned for that. and lo and behold, herbs were featured in her kitchen this month also, ok not canned, but candied. as in this lovely candied angelica!

i think this is my favorite month yet! how great it is to see people who were brand new to canning just a few short months ago gaining confidence. and experienced canners are really going for it, using the can jam as a jumping off point to experiment with new flavors, combos & techniques!


photo robbing peter


basic herb wine jelly – knit & knosh
if you ask me, everything tastes better on brie! :)

catmint crabapple jelly & spearmint crabapple jelly – cafe libby
definitely pretty in pink! …and some nice detail on crabapple jelly making.

champagne tarragon jelly – married with dinner
it’s a tarragon lover’s dream, and so is this asparagus pickled with tarragon!

grapefruit rosemary jelly – stetted
i totally vote for over vanilla ice cream!

hibiscus jelly – what julia ate
ooh that color, i want to eat it, and wear it! …and she made this too!

lavender jelly with orange-pith pectin – toronto tasting notes
such science, i need to take a page outta your beaker. and the idea of lavender paste? (alla quince) amazing!

lavender wine jelly – family & food
omg! austrian wine & homegrown lavender?…speechless.

may wine jelly – mother’s kitchen
your journey’s journey take is a hoot! & your may wine experiment is inspiring!

mighty berryminty jelly – rufus & clementine
nikki’s in love & who wouldn’t be? mint & berries are the shizzle, and they match her crib! always a plus.

mint and rosemary herb jellies – prospect: the pantry
the can jam prompted you to do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time; make ‘real’ jelly! joy!

mint jelly – delicious potager
the classic herb jelly! and she did rosemary too! nice neighbors, mojitos, morels. sounds like a wonderful evening! ..even the grocery store runs were fruitful! :)

photo diggin food

mojito jelly – robbing peter
got mint? …make this!

orange rosemary jelly – diggin food
ok, ya got the hang of jammin’ (or jellyin’) but please keep track of your kitchen tools! ;)

rosemary-infused rhubarb jelly – sugarcrafter
one of my personal favorite jam combos – in jelly! i like it!

rosemary thyme jelly – putting by
all sourced from her garden! why, why, do i have to be in zone 5?

sherried rosemary grape juice jelly – breadmaking with the bread experience
hope floats…and so does rosemary! good learning, put the herbs in the jar first. ;)

tarragon wine jelly – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here!
how very french! …i would recommend a full rolling boil in the canner though.

texas two-step jelly – cosmic cowgirl
cowgirl, i hear you with the working & the blogging & cooking & socializing…
and this looks amazing! mexican mint marigold, oh my!

thai basil pepper jelly - just the right size
this looks sooo decadent! i love thai basil! you just gave me inspiration for something with thai basil & kaffir limes! thanks!

the light of scarborough fair jelly - the artisanry of acorn cottage
first success with true jelly..and with apple pectin!!! …and this! nice!

wild violet jelly (& dandalion jelly too!) – backyard farms
victorian tea party? scones & clotted cream!? …flower jellies!! (this is all just entirely too much for moi!)

photo showfood chef


blueberry mint jam – dust bath
one hour to make it & look watcha got! …see canning can be quick too!

lavender blue jam – notes from a country girl living in the city
ooh, this sounds seductive. and something i just might need to try this summer!

lemon lavender fig jam – doris & jilly cook
gloria did it first, the goats did it next…both said success! i say, bookmark!

peach lavender jam – bigger than a breadbox
don’t worry mimi, intuiting gel point will come…looks like you did a’right!

rosemary rhubarb jam – food in jars
aaah, the smell of it! about that bath..i must try it! oh, and the jelly? a match made in heaven imo.

rhubarb jam with lavender – mock paper scissors
one of my all-time fave flavor combos. upon finishing your post i walked right into my larder & cracked open my last jar (’09) of the same. had to.

rhubarb mint and vanilla jam – the kitchenette
carter learned that herbs can be switched for other herbs, and the rhubarb is good! see?

strawberrry ground pepper & fresh mint jam – showfood chef
ms. ferber does have a nice one here doesn’t she? is it truly minty?

strawberry mint jam – flamingo musings
she says the mint’s the star…who am i to argue? i believe it! :)

strawberry rhubarb jam – leena eats this blog
i do like a jam that can swing both ways. …so?

strawberry rhubarb & lavender jam – put a lid on it!
a classic with a twist. and joe is such a sweety! :)

photo what julia ate

sweet & savory misc

apples & rosemary – my caffeine diary
yes, you are 100% right – read the recipe first!

dilly beans – thinking out loud
tell us woodman, are dillys really a man’s best friend? :)
dill is the quintessentialherb of choice for pickles – glad someone did ‘em!

god awful herb mustard – market life sf
best can jam post yet. srsly.

herb citrus cordial – innbrooklyn
they can have their supersize…i wanna get cordialized.

herb infused vinegars- well preserved
pressed for time, but not for thyme (or rosemary, or chives) …why didn’t i think of this?

herbed cranberry & red current sauce - plot 22
now this sounds like it would be perfect at the thanksgiving table!

honey tarragon mustard – dawnabelles
we did it! we have a mustard right here! (i knew we’d get one!)

kumquats with mint – wine book girl
i would really, really like to see what these look like it the jars. pretty?

lemon lavender marmalade – local kitchen
i have a wall of lavender that has marmalade written all over it. you sold me, completely.

lemon verbena & thyme syrup – the reclusive housewife
it coulda been a contender…jelly that is. but hey, i like syrups, they’re useful!

pear thyme butter - locally preserved
hey, why didn’t i think of that! ;)

photo laundry etc

roasted tangelo marmalade with rosemary – seasonal menus
couldn’t get enough of the marm could you? neither can i!

rhubarb & angelica coridalized – laundry, etc
ok i can just go home now…you’re killing me. YUM!

rhubarb sage preserves – hip girls guide to homemaking
and rhubarb hibiscus preserves – for a girl who’s never tried rhubarb before i’d say she’s gettin’ pretty hip!

rosemary & pinot poached pears with vanilla & ginger - grow & resist
kudos to you for taking the whole fruit challenge. don’t get discouraged, canning takes practice!
…and you’re doing it! :)

saged pear butter – tigress in a jam
…more better butter!

i’ve stated here the reasons why a post might not be included in the round-up. but i’d like to brush up on it again for clarity’s sake:

1) you posted in the designated time-frame but your recipe was not a water-bath canned recipe.

2) you posted a recipe post but not in the designated time-frame.

3) you did not post a can jam post – or one that included a recipe attempt – at all by the month’s posting cut-off time.

for 1 & 2 above you will not be included in the month’s round-up post but are eligible for inclusion of future round-ups.

for 3 however, the grace period is such that if you post your recipe post by the time i post my round-up (always the wednesday early am after the friday that the recipe posts were due) you will not be included in that month’s round-up but you do not forfeit your opportunity to be included in the future round-ups. please note: if you do not post a recipe post by the time my round-up post goes up then you forfeit your inclusion in all future round-ups.

this is a way to keep things fair, honor commitment (both yours & mine) and help me to keep everything managed & organized without going cuckoo. that said, the round-up is only a small part of the jam, what matters most is what happens in your kitchen and in this great community of canners. so by all means if you are not in the round-ups, keep going & shout about it, in the comment section, on your blogs, on flickr, on twitter, on facebook. we want to hear it and we want you to be a part of it!

ahem (ok, off the soapbox now). had to.

…and on to the drumroll:

sarah from toronto tasting notes will announce the next food in focus. she has until this friday at midnight to let the jam outta the jar! …and all i can say is: oh, happy spring! finally, for all of us!

may’s entries must be posted between sunday may 16th and friday may 21st with the cut-off being friday the 21st at midnight.

happy spring & happy canning!

let’s hear how it’s going for all the non-blogging participants and anyone following along.



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  • Gloria says:

    So many jars glowing magically. What an amazing job everyone has done. Totally inspiring. I could spend my whole year just making this months canned comestibles. Another few days to enjoy this, then on to the next ingredient to become engrossed by. Good work Tigs – I can call you Tigs can't I?

  • Sara says:

    Ah! You missed me! I made thyme pickled mushrooms, all local, too!

  • puttingby says:

    Hmmm, wonder why I'm not in the round up this time. My blog was having a weird date snafu since I wrote a draft post (trying to be well-prepared) and I bet that has something to do with it. Darn computers…..

  • Sadie says:

    Well for a change I'm among the first posters, not the last :) Since local is the watch word here, I went with chives from my garden that had returned from last year – the mint was only just budding – and a local VQA wine to make chive wine jelly. Unfortunately the wine I chose had a strong enough taste that it mostly hides the chive flavour, but the result is still very yummy – pictures to come. Looking forward to next month!

  • Catalina says:

    Great round-up as always! I think May 22nd is a Sat.?

  • Kristi says:

    Ouch! I missed last month because I was very sick, so now I'm kicked off forever! :-( I made mint jelly with mint from my backyard and some organic mint that I needed to purchase to make up for the rest I needed. Four spectacularly minty, golden jars later, I'm definitely making this again when the mint in my mojito pot is ready!

  • tigress says:

    gloria – you most certainly can! ;)

    sara – i sent you an email regarding why you were not on the round-up. but thanks for linking to your great pickled mushrooms! and local!

    putting by – sorry about that, i added you above!

    sadie – sounds interesting! anyone jellying chives is a daring jammer in my book! ;)

    catalina – ooh! thanks so much. typo! changing it now!

  • tigress says:

    kristi – oh no, heavens! please keep jammin! just get on up in the comment section and shout about it each month – and give us the links! …those golden jars do look lovely!

  • kaela says:

    Wonderful job by everyone this month – pat yourselves on the back! So many cool recipes to try.

    And the great thing about Zone 5 is that now we have months of herbs ahead of us for herb jammin & cannin; and a long list of inspiring recipes. Thanks, Jammers!

  • Shae says:

    Aw, I feel all humbly bumbly now. Thanks so much for the shout out. You know I'm so loving the jam and what it's inspiring in everyone, official or not! Thanks for bringing us all together. Sarah, what's next?!

  • Carter @ The Kitchenette says:

    LOL Tigress! Don't make fun of me for finally picking up on the lesson you've been preaching from the start!

    Apparently I'm still stuck in the "low-acidity" mindset! =)

  • tigress says:

    carter – omg! that is so funny because i totally wasn't making fun, but i just reread it… tigress' bites! ;) …and it's a-ok to be stuck in low-acidity mind set unless & until you are 100% sure!

  • Carter @ The Kitchenette says:

    oh I know you were just joking =) Did you know that Marisa had to tell me that rhubarb was acidic and that I was probably in the clear no matter what I added? It was kind of hilarious at the time! haha

  • Anduin says:

    I have loads of chives (and only chives) and I was hoping there would be more chive recipes…Perhaps a vinegar is in order.

  • Nikki says:

    Iā™„Herbs. {There is something so wrong about saying that since, you know, I live in LA.}

    This has been another really cool canning month. I'm excited to spend some time with what everyone has done. All that lavender, rosemary and tarragon looks divine.

  • Lisa says:

    Regarding the Kumquats with Mint that Wine Book Girl and I made: I haven't tasted them yet but even if I hate them (unlikely) I'll make them again because of the kumquat/mint syrup that is a byproduct of the recipe (which can be found in the Ball book). Served with sparkling water it's better than any fancy Italian soda. With rum, instant kumquat mojito. With vodka…you get the picture.

    One thing I discovered last year is the joy of "canning for cocktails": grenadine, brandied cherries, maraschino cherries, and (as part of the can jam) cocktail onions.

    So, here's a toast to you Tigress to thank you for hosting the can jam.

  • Sustainable Eats says:

    I think I must have been a week too early, concerned you would miss me because I was too LATE again: I've been busy with food activism, garden tours, fundraising for non-profits and crazy meat experiments. But I'm still playing along!

  • ap269 says:

    Thanks for a great roundup, Tigress!

  • Melanie says:

    Thanks for all your hard work pulling the round up together! AWESOME RECIPES from everyone! Can't wait to try a few of them for myself… I did manage to get mine posted (dandelion herbal jelly & rosemary mint wine jelly). They were later then the Friday deadline but before your round-up was posted! :) Thanks for the clarifications! Can't wait till Friday! Till Next Time… Happy Canning!

  • Mimi says:

    I think this is my favorite month so far, thank you everyone!

  • Melanie says:

    These are incredible looking ! I can never make all I want. What I did make was some herbed currant jellies that I posted on Flickr. I had red and black currants in the freezer from last summer. I went to the nursery for herb inspiration. I wanted something bright for the red currants. Was ready to pick up lemon balm when I saw LIME balm. That was it. Red currant jelly is fab as is but with LIME balm. Oh, my! For the black currant I chose Chocolate Mint. I'd never tasted it before and it was smooth as well as minty, just the thing for the ultra earthiness of the black currants. Also Fab. Thanks again, Tigress for a great job.

  • Daisy Driver says:

    I had no idea there were so many ideas for herbs. I have already picked a few I want to try. I am loving this can jam!!! I was telling a friend about it and she was like "what do you win" – win? I "win" lots of great recipes to try along with a story for each one from trusted friends and fellow canners! What do I win? Puhlease!!!!

  • Nicole says:

    I'm a non blogging, not yet canning follower of the Can Jam and I LOVE it. The herbs have been my favorite so far, so many great flavor combinations. Actually each month is my new favorite because I loved the alliums. Once I break down and buy some canning gear and take a class or something to dispel the mysteries of canning I will begin canning and preserving. Thanks for providing me with more recipes than I could imagine to pick from!

  • tigress says:

    anduin – yes vinegar sounds about right!

    nikki – ha! funny. yes, at coachella there seemed to be a lot of peeps with 'medical conditions' ;)

    lisa – thanks for the toast, and wow! canning for cocktails…sign me up!

    sustainable eats – all good stuff! and what a lovely recipe too!

    melanie & mimi – thanks! :)

    malanie – wow! your jellies sound awesome! i don't even know what chocolate mint taste like!

    daisy driver – :)

    nicole – sooo great that you are following along! don't be daunted, get your can cannin'!

  • ohbriggsy says:

    i made a recipe for the april jam! i accidentally posted a day or two early–didn't realize i'd be penalized for misreading the due date and turning in my recipe early! :) i made garlic and herbed mushrooms. check 'em out, they're delicious and amazing in salads.

  • Gramma Greenjeans says:

    Arrrgghhhh…I TOTALLY forgot about Can Jam this month (sorry, Tigress, but if it's a toss-up between Can Jam and my tax preparation paperwork, guess who gets my time and attention? :-)

    A great round-up (as always) and kudos to all the Jammers who DIDN'T forget!

  • regina says:

    I made Food In Jars rosemary rhubarb jam as my FIRST EVER jam. it didn't quite jam up, mostly because i didnt read the whole way through before starting, BUT I'm eating it anyway and it is delicious! AND i bought tarragon and thyme at the market today specifically to try out some of the posted recipes, I am a little intimidated by you guys but Im chugging along anyway!

  • tigress says:

    hey regina! welcome! ..don't be intimidated, not all tigresses bite! and congrats on your first ever jam!!! IMO making jam/jellies etc takes years to perfect. it really is an artform. the good news is, usually 'not perfected' still means delicious! please feel free to come back here with any questions. :)

  • Elle Ross says:

    Just finally had time to sit down and read all the blogs- I think this has been the most fun canjam round-up yet! I've recently decided to start attempting more marmelades and jellies, and these recipes are going to be very helpful. Thanks Tigress!

  • Sustainable Eats says:

    Perhaps a future can jam could be "canning for cocktails"? I see a common theme here, muse. ;p

  • Canning With Kids says:

    I'm not an official part of the tigress can jam but I like playing along! Here's my creation for April…late! I had an abundance of strawberries from my CSA and am always flush in lavender. So without further ado…Strawberry Lavender Jam!

    The one that caught my eye above, off the bat, was Putting By's Rosemary Thyme Jelly. I have both in my garden and am curious to try that one out!

  • Carolyn's Designs says:

    Thanks for some tasty ideas ! I made Dandelion Syrup this year. I enjoy different jams & jellys !!

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