can jam march round-up: allium

March 24, 2010

can i officially change the name to all-yums?

i am truly excited about a number of the entries this month! the now ‘bottled’ delicacies lounging on our larder shelves ready to enhance fresh spring chevre & just laid eggs, chilled soups, summer cocktails, garden fresh sandwiches, barbecues & stir-fries… there are a myriad of pairings that i can imagine with this month’s entries…and so spring-summery!

here’s to every one of you that’s given it your all thus far. these were truly the challenging months. we lost a few along the way but a good many are going strong. so keep up bloggers & non, and everyone following along – spring has sprung! and when finally all those luscious fruits and veggies are screaming, “preserve me now or i’m gonna jump!” you & your canning pot will deftly rise to the rescue…

a reminder-invitation for those not yet following along on twitter at hashtag #tigresscanjam, there’s lots of good discussions & questions/answers popping up among the can jammers so check it out if you haven’t yet & are so inclined.

while i’m on the social-networking tip: i recently changed my page on facebook so if you were following along before you will need to re-fan me or i’ve lost you. if you haven’t yet & are so inclined, hop on - it’s a chronicle of all things i find delicious and inspiring around the blogosphere, and a fun & easy format to ask questions about all things pickle & jam, etc.

photo robbing peter

this month i was particularly moved by barbara of robbing peter‘s post as she confessed her initial excitement and then struggle coming up with her march entry, until finally she arrived here:

“can jam is about learning. about challenging ourselves to simply get into the kitchen once a month and can something. about devoting this time to our kitchens, our blogs and therefore ourselves. once i figured this out i knew what i was going to make. something that would be a valuable addition to my pantry. something that i would actually EAT.”


photo rufus & clementine


garlicky bread & butter onion pickles – robbing peter
…i could not have said it better myself. (and it’s your mama’s pickles even, oh happy day!)

jerked pickled onions – notes from a country girl living in the city
ya mayd dem onyuns good maan, me cyaan see! (i had to)

penang pickled garlic – the ongoing debacle
spring has sprung it’s true! …& who’s gonna be happy with their little garlic pickle platters? …you, that’s who!

pickled garlic – putting by
ok, when the time comes, let us know – are they good, or really good?

pickled green garlic – wine book girl
green garlic? in weck jars? j’adore! i can’t wait for spring in the northeast!

pickled onions & green garlic al balsamico – famingo musings
sounds like yo’ mama had a happy happy b-day – and good eats too!

pickled onions – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here!
she did the chippolines! ..and a solid pickling recipe here.

pickled onions – well preserved
at least 2 jars were saved! but have no fear, ’cause they did pickled leeks too & can’t wait till bbq season is near!

pickled onions for cocktails – doris and jilly cook
not a proficient pickler?? …wha? lies, all lies!

pickled pearls – the cosmic cowgirl
these are gonna drive me to drink.

pickled red onions - sustainable pantry
as a condiment with curry?? …now why didn’t i think of that!

pickled scallions – post-industrial eating
oh carol. what a morning. but they look so beautiful. and please, tell me you got to work on time!

photo plot 22

pickled shallots – seasonal menus
these little buggers sound divine. let’s hope that 6 weeks flies by!

pickled shallots – innbrooklyn
she made caramelized red onions too! and ate them both with cheese & doughy stuff. (great use of the relish imo!)

pickled shallots – toronto tasting notes
she didn’t cry over peeled shallots, or pickled ones either – thank goodness!

pickled whole onions – rufus & clementine
i’m too impressed for words…mindful tinkering, record-keeping, waiting…what’s going on here!

pickled whole onions – citivolus sus
ah, pub food – next time make it with malt vinegar like the natives do!
& that shallot confiture is gonna go mighty quick!

sweet onion and lime pickle – put a lid on it
ya know this flavor profile is right up my alley. but when hot water bath canning it is important to take the guessing game out of the acid equation.

sweet pickled onions – laundry etc.
she found a weck! she found pickling in her heritage! maybe pickled cabbage is next …step into the light gloria! :)

sweet and sour pickled red onions – food in jars
aw, don’t sweat the rhubarb marisa…sweat the onions instead!
(she did – and they look mighty good!)

vinegared red onions – the local cook
they do indeed look beautiful! now about that mediterranenan salad…

vinegared red onions – delicious potager
and these too! beautiful! …and on another late work day they’ll be waiting for you in the larder to spice up a quick meal! joy!
photo local kitchen

jellies, jams & marmalades

basil banana pepper jelly – big black dog
this looks delicious but i think it’s more about the peppers than the onion, no?

curried onion jam – prospect: the pantry
i want this and i want it on the squash soup you made too! it sounds divine!

onion jam with pomegranate and blueberries – mock paper scissors
great, great, great! i love the middle eastern flavor profile. everyone should have a bottle of pomegranate molasses IMO.

onion garlic jam – dust bath
a mighty fine thing to do with alliums sittin’ around from last year’s garden. use ‘em up!

onion thyme jam – market life sf
a tart after my own heart…the one she made with her jam that is! ;)

raspberry garlic jam – le jardin da ma vie
2 great tastes that taste great together…i think. do they?

red onion apple jelly - hip girls guide to homemaking
kate’s getting hip to the wild ways of making jelly in the home – make her own pectin she does! and this one too for the garlic-lover in you.

red onion jelly - backyard farms
learn, learn & more learnings, about set, about ingredients…but here’s the great thing: the experiments taste so good!

red onion marmalade – thinking out loud
dd’s got a thing for onions an in her own words “yummy!” next time better stock up on those cranberries!

red onion marmalade – the wynk
love those cute teeny jars! citrus & onion, my new favorite flavor combo! you?

red onion marmalade – family & food
oh no, not a winner for you this time ’round. :( maybe not enough sugar?

red onion and rhubarb jam – kitchen jam
i am with you! this looks amazing – and have i ever told you – i gots rhubarb comin’ out me ears!

red onion rosemary jam – simply loving home
they look very jammy in those jars. we wanna know how it goes with the roast!

red pepper and garlic jelly – bigger than a breadbox
how ’bout with a sharp cheddar? i would not advise flipping the jar back and forth – let the jelly sit for 5 minutes first, then stir and put in jars.

roasted garlic jelly - brooklyn forager
those little garlics didn’t have a chance – she even licked the pot clean! and the red onions in vinegar‘s days are numbered too it seems!

photo stetted


onionz limone chutney – tigress in a pickle
i had a do it…this chutney’s a killer!

rhubarb fennel chutney – put up or shut up!
ooh, so indo-french! we want serving suggestions!!! (or at least i do!) :)

photo small measure


caramelized red onion relish – breadmaking with the bread experience
on pizza even! leave it to the good ole’ ball book to give us good ideas like that!

caramelized red onion relish – the reclusive housewife
ok, so you only had half the balsamic but i do hope you put in another type to make sure you had the acid level right. then there’s this! … crunchy pickled red onion rings

caramelized red onion relish – just the right size
with ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut on a hot dog – a holy experience!
hmm..will tofu dogs work?? :)

caramelized red onion relish – cafe del manolo
oh, and the commandaria…i bet this is good enough to drink!

caramelized red onion relish – diggin food
you make a good point: we all love caramelized onions – why not have these in your larder? ’cause you can!

caramelized red onion relish – grow and resist
yes you are absolutely right, hot water bath canning bacon is a no no. but looks like you hit the savory bulls-eye anyway, delicious!

caramelized red onion relish – the kitchenette
ding, ding, ding! ok, this recipe is the winner. (i like that you ate it on cream cheese!)

onion apple ale relish – leena eats this blog
shoulda made more huh? ..that grilled cheese looks good!

onion relish – cafe libby
libby’s not quite sure on this one – but the source is good she says so fingers crossed it’s another winner!

orange, onion & thyme relish- small measure
when it’s time for relish, it’s thyme for this, and with a citrus twist…bravo!

red onion & pineapple relish – showfood chef
this is a relish to relish she says, and why not? she luvs her pineapple!

salsa criolla – oh, briggsy!
onions, cilantro & lime….que rico!

sweet onion & fennel relish – three clever sisters
warning: this is a recipe for someone who likes sweet red peppers! :)

sweet onion & fennel relish – plot 22
oh my no…hatin’ on the onions! but so glad you rose to the challenge. and you never know, look at all that pickled carrot lovin’ going on around your place now!

sweet onion relish – knit and knosh
terri goes for an old stand-by. she’ll be ready for those summer bbq’s and a whole lot more!

sweet onion relish – better gardens than home
what a great blast from the past! …see what canning can do? :)

photo laundry etc


balsamic onions - dawnabelles
see? where’s a goat when you need one? tomme de chevre & this…i’m there!

barbecue sauce – mother’s kitchen
very good use of your can jam time imo. small batch & test a recipe so when summer’s on you can big batch it and know you’re getting what you want!

fig & onion conserve - stetted
love the poem – i’m a big pablo fan! read her edit people ’cause that’s what we’re talkin’ bout!

garlic stuffed pickled eggplants – locally preserved
i swear i’m not playin’ favorites but…

giardiniera - married with dinner
yes, yes i get it! this may be a garden-in-a-jar, but really…it was all about you and theonions!

pepper & onion sauce – sugarcrafter
i know this is a grandma’s recipe. but the usda would not approve of the acid level…put it in the fridge.

shallot confiture – what julia ate
the long and the short of it is; make some more & make them now! and you just had to didn’t you?

roasted garlic and lemon mustard – local kitchen
i really would hate to see what would happen if you actually liked mustard. ’cause this looks awesome! oh, and this? ridiculous!

roasted garlic syrup – the artisanry of acorn cottage
one bread’s jelly is another roast’s syrup. …ain’t nothing but semantics.


if yours isn’t up there, to find out why go here.

and certainly don’t forget to have a look at the delicious photos at in the tigress’ can jam flickr photo group. lovely!

listen up! i am particularly excited about this month’s focus!! marisa over at food in jars will be bringing it to you between now and this friday at midnight.

please note april’s entries are to be posted between sunday april 18th and friday april 23rd with midnight on friday the 23rd being the deadline.

finally, a heartfelt thanks to all that made an effort to get your entries in earlier this month – it was a big help in my heavily work-loaded march.


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  • Pam says:

    I absolutely love these round-ups. It's like having a big cookbook of canning recipes all in one place!

  • Gloria says:

    Tigress, you must be congratulated for all your work, pulling this together – you are brilliant. Just tons of amazing information and ideas here. Pat on the back for everyone who's canned an allium. Onward and Upward

  • Wendy (The Local Cook) says:

    Yes, thank you so much. I LOVE your round ups. The commentary is so fun.

  • Cathy (breadexperience) says:

    Another great roundup! Thanks so much for your efforts in pulling this all together. I always get a kick out of reading your commentary. Looks like I've got some new recipes to try.

  • innbrooklyn says:

    I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit how much I've been looking forward to the roundup! I kept having to take deep breaths and remember that the tigress had mentioned having a very busy work schedule! Its great to read as always and I'm excited to spend time on everyone's sites seeing what they made.

  • kaela says:

    Wow, have I got a lot of reading to do! So many wonderful and inventive recipes. And I love, love, love that picture of salting shallots from laundry, etc. – gorgeous.

    Nice work, Jammers! And thanks Tigress – can't wait for next month.

  • Elle Ross says:

    Awesome round-up Tigress! I'm sure Ill be trying a few of these out for myself..

    Okay, okay- I knew you were going to say something about following recipes, I've just found it a somewhat difficult because I actually don't have any canning books yet (exept the three 30 yr. old books in my local library).
    So, what I would like is for all of you to recommend to me a canning book. I would like one with not too much instruction, since I pretty much know what I'm doing now, lots of recipes, which I can alter, and to be a water-bath canning only cookbook, since I do not own a pressure canner. Little help?

  • Rachel says:

    I bought some cute little pickling onions but alas, did not find time in my schedule to can or jam by the deadline, but hopefully this weekend when my kid's play is over with. I love all the inspiration here. Well done everyone!

    Looking forward to see what the April Can Jam ingredient will be!

  • Melanie says:

    Thanks for a great roundup, Tigress ! I had to skip this month as I was away from home much of it, but I'll be sure to try some of these oniony goodnesses ! Looking forward to the next.

  • Kevin says:


    Reading these recipes, I'm drooling like an idiot, which is generally an improvement because I normally drool like a moron.

    I'm getting addicted to this canning thing. It's just fun to do.



  • tigress says:

    everyone – so happy you are enjoying the round-ups! i am really inspired by what we all did this month! i think the next 9 months are going to be awesome! i am down in miami working all week but i'm thinking when i get back to my kitchen i may need to stock up on some onions 'cause there are a bunch of recipes i want to try.

    elle ross – for sure my first recommendation would be either of linda zeidrich's books. they are really the bibles of pickling and jamming imo.

  • Elle Ross says:

    thanks, i'll check them out!

  • Terri says:

    Thank you for collectiong all of this information. SO inspiring.

    After making my stand-by Onion Relish I read about another Can Jammer's Carmelized Red Onion Relish. Yes, I made some. I also made the recipe on the facing page, Sweet Onion and Fennel Relish. I just love how much I am learning!

  • Lisa says:

    Though I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited about this month's can jam being alliums, one of my jars of cipollini didn't seal so I ate them right away. And I do mean right away. Once I tasted one, I had a few every night until they were gone. A great accompanyment to cheese, and an almost traditional accompanyment to tacos. This is one of the pleasures of the Can Jam: being "forced" to can something I wouldn't necessarily have been drawn to on my own.

    Lisa (non-blogging canning buddy of winebookgirl)

  • Lisa says:

    Here's a non-allium question for can jammers:

    For the past several years for Passover I've made beet horseradish and was wondering whether the recipe I use is suitable for canning. It seems like it might be. (I've checked the internet and my canning books for similar recipes and have turned up zilch). Here it is:

    3/4 lb fresh horseradish
    1 1/2 cups white vinegar
    2 Tbsp + 1 tsp sugar
    1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
    1 1/2 c cooked beets

    Grate horseradish in food processor. Add remaining ingredients and process til smooth.

    Your comments and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

  • Elle Ross says:

    I just bought them both- couldn't help myself. Thanks again!

  • Julia says:

    Tigress, you rule. Canjammers, ditto! Once again the ante has been upped. How can it go any higher? We will reach the higher ground! Don't work too hard, T, because you got some alliums to be canning.

  • Daisy Driver says:

    So many ideas so little time, there are at least three ideas I will be trying. I look so forward to these round ups and much like innbroklyn I was impatient to see it but knowing Tigress was busy knew I had to wait as I do with the new item. I'm leaving town in 11 hours and don't know what we are canning next!! I'm driving woodman crazy poor guy!

  • Gramma Greenjeans says:

    A wonderful roundup as usual. Hard to believe a quarter of the year is gone already! Looking forward to next month's pick.

    Lisa – about the horseradish question:
    I'd think it's not so much safety as quality. Cooked (or canned) fresh horseradish turns bitter and loses its pungency when heated. Kind of like mustards…I've tried canning some, but they just don't pack the punch of the fresh stuff, so I prefer to make a small batch and put it in the fridge. Just my 2 cents.

  • tigress says:

    lisa- if you do decide to look into canning your recipe you want to compare it to a reliable source to see if the vegetable/acid ratio is the same. the most important thing when hot water bath canning veggies is to make sure the acid level is high enough to deter botulism spores from growing.

    gramma greenjeans – good to know!

    elle ross – i see i am not the only one with that little problem! ;)

    dd – it's announced!

  • tigress says:

    lisa – just to clarify; i meant to compare it to a similar recipe from a reliable source, such as the USDA book or website.

  • Lisa says:

    Tigress and Gramma Greenjeans

    Thanks for the horseradis tips. If not for the pureeing, I'd feel OK about the vinegar/vegetable volume. My concern is that pureeing the beets will dilute the acid level. So unless I can find a recipe from a reliable source, which so far I've been unable to do, I'll just keep it to the fridge.

  • Sadie says:

    Seems to be a common choice, but I, too, made caramelized red onion relish. No photos this month as iPhoto just ate them all :( Fortunately, we still have the relish to eat ourselves!

  • Paige says:

    OK, it's nearly end of April, but I finally have begun my official participation in Tigress' canjam! Here it is, the allium:

  • Alex says:

    Wish I hadn't missed this one. Just made the following and am loving it. Hope someone else gets some good out of it.

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