can jam february round-up: carrot

February 24, 2010

when that gorgeous goat and i decided upon carrots for february’s focus we thought it was a good thing

and then i felt a lot of you look at us like this:

did you sez carrots!?

…happily even the skeptics have come around it seems and shown some good carrot love. there’s a ton of great recipes below and i know that when spring carrots have sprung i for one will be referring back here again and again…’cause you can never have enough reasons to put those babies in a jar.

well, maybe there’s enough here – so let’s get to it!

photo put a lid on it

pickles, slaws & relishes

baby carrots in honey, vinegar and dill – flamingo musings
love the honey renee! and don’t worry about what to use ‘em for – have a pickle party!

basil carrots – living homegrown fresh
quick & easy, she said….just like canning can be! (it’s true!)

carrot and onion sandwich slaw – put a lid on it
tossing in olive oil to serve – i like it! oh, and that slicing video – thank you!

carrot and onion sandwich slaw – on a little land
they say imitation is the best form of flattery! – go here for the recipe.

carrot relish – simply loving home
i think this will dress up any sandwich my dear! make sure your salsa is from a reliable source – i’m a little worried about the acid level in that one.

carrot relish – vegedible
a sweet carroty relish, with onions too! zoey says she’ll report back after the 3 week waiting period.

carrots in honey and vinegar
- the kitchenette
ok, you made an effort to get something up in time. but where’s the recipe? (and don’t hate me ’cause i’m going to coachella!) ;)

classic pickled carrots – delicious potager
always nice to cut a carrot, or a dress, on the bias. and i must mention, i’m impressed with your ‘green bag’ solution for storing carrots – that’s a long time!

dill jardiniere – bigger than a breadbox
ok, i’ll let this one slide ’cause you put in an extra carrot. but i don’t know, is it really about the carrots or all those other gorgeous veggies? :)

dilled carrots – sugarcrafter
yay a first-time picklecrafter! and success!

dilly carrots – cafe libby
all i can say libby is break out the bloody marys ’cause these are worth more than a hill a beans to me! and some nutty good carrot cake jam too!

madras carrot pickles – small measure
these pickles look like the next best thing to being there! i want some!

mexican inspired pickled carrots with jalepenos and onions – oh…briggsy!
er that’s a mouthful! …and so are these!

moroccan pickled carrots – showfood chef
these look wonderful but – where’s the recipe??

pickled baby carrots – breadmaking with the bread experience
what a nice addition of oregano and sweet peppers – and the little baby carrots look so happy in the jar. :)

pickled baby carrots with oregano and peppers – three clever sisters
more oregano and peppers! yum! to answer your question: just bring it to the boil, it doesn’t have to be a massive rolling boil like what you need for the actual canning process.

photo cafe libby

pickled carrots – mock paper scissors
more success for tengrain’s little cooking school! …and can i just say; love those graphics! :)

pickled carrots – around the homestead
a good solid, basic pickle recipe – but we wanna see the pics kim! :)

pickled carrots (mexican?) – sticks spoons spokes
um…recipe? oh, wait…here it is, looks great, but that’s not mexican!

pickled carrots – big black dog
another good basic dilled recipe – now why has mom never pickled carrots before? (maybe you can teach her a thing or two about pickling!)

pickled carrots - sticks rocks and dirt
ok, we like the garlicky brine, but sara…where’s your pickled carrot recipe?

pickled carrots – all types of cooking, and a whole lot of canning here!
and another solid basic – just one problem: jane only got 3 jars. :(

pickled carrots – notes from a country girl living in the city
only 3 jars here too. :( angela (and gwen) love them! that’s good news, but why the upside-down jars?

pickled carrots – my caffeine diary
too much vinegar? here’s an inpicklers tip: wait a few weeks and things should mellow even more.

pickled carrots and daikon – food in jars
…and just in the nick of time, marisa slides in with this beauty. love the anise!

pickled carrots and leek shreds – locally preserved
adds color to a winter table, …and your cheeks i imagine. nice!

pickled carrots with ginger – dawnabelles
ginger with anything is wonderful IMO – and those atomic red carrots? i’d label that jar (with lelo’s labels of course) atomic gingered carrots.

pickled rosemary carrots – cafe del manolo
i love rosemary, i love hot peppers. …oh, and i love manolos too, but that’s beside the point, huh?

pickled rosemary carrots – citivolus sus
more rosemary, more chilis – now would someone please taste them already!

pickled rosemary carrots – post-industrial eating
carol thinks these are gonna taste good – but she’s waiting until the flavors swap around, jump up, jump up and get down!

spicy carrot relish/slaw – grow and resist
from the mouth of meg – “the BEST. i can’t stop eating it!” – and i agree 100% weight measurements are better.

spicy carrots, onions & jalepenos – knit and nosh
ok, are you people tryin’ to make me long for el paĆ­s hermoso? ’cause i am.

spicy mexican pickled carrots – the wynk
serve them warm? i see, hmmm – ok i’ll trust you. and i think melissa made these.

spicy pickled carrots – diggin food
mexican oregano? habernero? oh my, i see ‘em as a side on a plate of heuvos rancheros and a couple of soft & warm corn tortillas i do! yum!

photo post-industrial eating

spicy pickled carrot – toronto tasting notes
a no-fuss spicy pickle recipe…and sarah’s got the right pickling idea – don’t mess with the acidity level. but be as crazy as you wanna be on the spice combo!

spicy pickled carrots – wine book girl
amount of habanero is optional here, but come on….do it! (it’s good for you)

spicy thai basil carrot pickles – robbing peter
my guess is that your hubby will love these, now what pray tell is that chili pepper doing to that poor garlic in that photo? :)

sweet pickled baby carrots – rufus and clementine
i know following directions is hard, but ya did good girl. and look – you get to add your own hot twist. you’re gonna be safe & happy when you try these! :)

sweet pickled carrots – thinking out loud
better luck next month dd – and more for you woodman – get your pickle chow-onz!

thai carrot pickles – sustainable pantry
thai red peppers, kaffir limes leaves – this looks amazing! …oh, and have fun in paris alexa!

tiger lily carrots with daikon, ginger and sesame – prospect: the pantry
these look lovely! ..and the study in the many ways to slice a carrot isn’t bad either. (i like the ribbons)

valentine pickles – backyard farms
that’s my naming pick! & don’t worry girls, pink pickles are all the rage in the great middle east, has been for centuries…and then again there’s these!

vietnamese carrot and daikon pickle – brooklyn forager
more firsts! first time using the mandoline (they’re great) first time pickling carrots, and first time using the pickling bible!

vietnamese carrot and daikon pickle – for better or worsted
kristi’s serving hers with thai stir-frys. now that’s a match made in heaven!

vietnamese carrot and daikon pickle – mother’s kitchen
sounds bon to me! and some great info about water and canning here too!

vietnamese carrot and parsnip pickles – sustainable eats
a just harvested bunch of overwintered carrots? parsnips? local vinegar? …i’m zealous, er jealous!

vietnamese carrot and radish pickle – married with dinner
this is a popular one! …and a very good discourse on why pickles are great for beginning canners!

photo laundry etc


carrot butter – the ongoing debacle
a spicy tasty treat indeed – but um, if you don’t have the book already….

carrot cranapple butter – better gardens than home
great combo! tart and sweet – and what a lovely color. oh, and there’s a muffin recipe here too!

chipotle carrot-apple butter – kitchen jam
pat! you just put chipotle in a carrot-apple butter! where do you live!? :)

photo innbrooklyn


apple carrot chutney – doris and jilly cook
the great ginger debate; apparently goats aren’t crazy about ginger, but maybe the winner will be! …and tell us about that jar!

apple carrot chile chutney – local kitchen
this looks hot – wrinkly apples never had it so good! an experienced canner, kaela is mindful of the acid content when tweaking the recipe.

carrot apple chutney
– what julia ate
rave reviews from the cook herself! she actually didn’t can it ’cause she ran out of lids, but she canned this lovely pickle – so it’s all good!

carrot and coconut chutney – inn brooklyn
break out the madhar jaffrey, build that clay oven, (hell make some homemade yogurt too)! ’cause this stuff deserves a bollywood parade – it’s that good!

carrot chutney – stetted
a basic, no fail chutney recipe right here folks. and lucky you – local carrots from your csa! nice!

garja ki chutney – leena eats this blog
so happy when one can jammer can inspire another! here’s my caution tho – adding oil, even in small quantities, effects the pH level.

photo the cosmic cowgirl

jams & marmalades

angel’s hair – seasonal menus
see very small batches are fun to do! cardamom & vanilla – a fine combo if i do say so myself!

carrot & rhubarb jam – laundry etc.
boy those carrots cleaned up well gloria! …me like da ginger, maan! :)
(no not the gingerman, da ginger maan!)

carrot cake jam – just the right size
kathleen’s hubby’s favorite cake is carrot. inquiring minds wanna know, is this his favorite jam now?

carrot cake jam – well preserved
pie irons filled with carrot cake jam – genius! hey, i got an idea, why don’t we all go over to julia’s house and make ‘em – cause she’s got a pie iron too. oh, and bring shaeffer – please!

carrot cake jam – the cosmic cowgirl
she loves it, she loves it! but next time – no cloves and some coconut. (makes sense to me)

carrot cake jam – on my way to gluten free
kristina says it’s good – but perhaps too much sugar for her tastes. maybe carrot pie jam next time?

carrot cake jam – the reclusive housewife
is it me or do you see a theme within a theme here? (oh and i love that you have an ace hardware – and a nice lady that works there, how, – retro!)

carrot jam – outpost 505
it’s a hit – elizabeth loves it! (even tho she was skeptic at first, and made sure she had ulterior plans!)

carrot jam with rosewater and lime – dust bath
by the maker’s own words *best jam ever* – who am i to argue? (it’s the rose water!) and what a one-two punch with this torshi haveej!

carrot marmalade – the local cook
you just couldn’t get enough marmalade could you wendy? (me too!) …oh, and no worries, a little wiggle in the marm is good IMO!

carrot rhubarb jam with rosemary – tigress in a jam
i said it before and i’ll say it again – i’m really happy with this jam. and i’d write home about this warm-tinged carrot apple butter with cardamom too!

celestial carrot marmalade – the artisanry of acorn cottage
saffron – ooh, how exotic and rich! nice! and you couldn’t do just one could ya? thank’s ma’am for the carrot cake conserve too!

marmalady of the night- hip girl’s guide to homemaking
ye marmalade doth look enticing m’lady! …now whence gone the clabber creme?

persian carrot jam – family & food
ok, so the english get the prize for the marms, and the persians for jams…just sayin’! and what about this cakey gem?!

….how ya like them carrots?

if you don’t see your recipe post here please refer back to this post for the reasons why.

please take note of this reminder: your recipe post must be a recipe post as per the rules – linking to another recipe on the web is fine – but if you are saying you altered it, tell us how! if you want to follow along by saying “i did it” and not bothering with a recipe – wonderful! but to be linked in the round-up an effort should be made so that someone else can recreate you’re recipe from reading your post.

in other news: our dear friend ashley over at small measure will be dropping the march produce bomb -and she has until midnight this friday. so head on over there and see what’s cannin’!

march’s recipe post must be posted between friday march 12th*** & friday march 19th with the cut-off time being midnight on friday the 19th to be included in the round-up post.

*** you’ll notice that there’s a couple more days at the front end this month – i have a killer work weekend on that last weekend so if it’s possible for anyone to get their posts up at the earlier end that would be wunderbar as i can get started on the round-up that first weekend -thanks so much! :)

…don’t forget to hop on to flickr to check out all the gorgeous carroty photos in the tigress’ can jam group!

non-bloggers tell us what you’ve been up to this month below. and bloggers…speak! :)

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  • MK says:

    Thanks again, tigress, for the *wonderful* round-up! I'm really impressed at the amount of work you put into the write-ups, and so very excited to try some new recipes!

  • meg says:

    Thanks for a great round-up!

  • ap269 says:

    Just real quick: there's a typo in the second link (basil carrots)… Must be:

  • tigress says:

    thanks all! – and that link is fixed now!

  • innbrooklyn says:

    Once again: thoroughly enjoyable to read the roundup! And such an impressive array of carrot recipes. Last night I got a taste of hip girl's marmalade so now I've tried 2, 138 to go??!

  • wellpreservedtoronto says:

    the times on these posts (including from our lovely host) are funny – no rest for the wic…I mean canners…

    Thank you Tigress, once again, for an unbelievable amount of work and the wrap up – it's aweing…

    Great job again, looking forward to another month.

  • Gloria says:

    Tigress, great work. I'm looking forward to perusing the roundup at my leisure. This certainly is an amazing resource; all those carrot recipes tried and tested. I'm looking forward to trying many of them especially those that are generally out of my usual area of interest. With the surname Nicol I use to be called 'pickle' at school. Whhaaaay! I could grown into my name.

  • Pam says:

    I am too late to join in, but I'm playing along from the sidelines. Plus what a fantastic resource this is going to be. It's like having a huge canning recipe book!

  • ap269 says:

    Another typo in the carrot cake jam link (Well Preserved). Should be:

  • tigress says:

    ap269 – thanks again! – i cut and paste but on blogger you always have to remember to delete the http:// they put in already or it comes up twice. all fixed now!:(

  • Terri says:

    Wow! The variety is amazing. I think I better plant twice as many carrots as I had planned.

  • Carter @ The Kitchenette says:

    I updated my recipe! Sorry, Tigress! Work has put me almost out of commission as of late…

  • Carter @ The Kitchenette says:

    Oh, and Tigress… I won't be mad if you go to Coachella. I'll be pretty darn jealous, but not *mad.* I do expect pictures, though! If you're taking any, that is. =)

  • ap269 says:

    So now that I have read all the posts – thanks, Tigress, for a great round-up!!!! I love your comments about everone's posts…

  • localkitchen says:

    This is truly a great resoure – in fact, I'm going to link my recipe back to this post so that people looking for carrot canning recipes can find the ONE spot to go!

    Can't wait to find out March's Iron Can Ingredient….

    (p.s. Blogspot hates me; I always have the HARDEST time trying to comment on any Blogger blog. Don't know what it is.. but my posts fail most of the time. Here's hoping this one makes it through.)

  • laundryetc says:

    Re your comment – just goes to show you can polish a carrot!

  • localkitchen says:

    Wait, I just realized: did you not include your own recipe, Tigress? Or am I missing it somehow?

  • leena! says:

    Hey,thanks for the note on oil effecting ph level. I've made a note of it for readers in my blog post for gajar ki chutney and added additional acid to the recipe to make up for the oil added.

  • Cathy @ ShowFoodChef says:

    Hey, great roundup – thanks for your time and talent. Note taken re: recipe and I'm on it (out of town slip-up; forgot to check it.) Love the creativity with carrots. Applause to all!

  • Cathy @ ShowFoodChef says:

    Hey, great roundup – thanks for your time and talent. Note taken re: recipe and I'm on it (out of town slip-up; forgot to check it.) Love the creativity with carrots. Applause to all!

  • melissa (the wynk) says:

    You are correct, those WERE the ones I made. I would have linked but that post wasn't up when I made mine. ;-)

    Can't wait to look through each entry…you guys are awesome! A little jealous of the people who made jam and get to taste their creations NOW.

  • thecosmiccowgirl says:

    another great round-up! i concur with those who have stated this jam will be a great resource for the future. i look forward to reading ALL the posts while on vacay this weekend. thanks to those who have visited my canning posts!

  • Pat Steer (Gaelen) says:

    Tigress – girl, look what you done!
    I'm inspired by LocalKitchen to go add a link to the round-ups to my posts, and by Well-Preserved to play with some jam in my pie irons this summer when I'm camping.
    As for the chipotle, I've been on a chipotle bender since this summer…and here in central NY (way upstate, where lake-effect-snow means a couple of feet) a little chipotle keeps things a little warmer in February!

  • Daisy Driver says:

    Tigress, great job on the round up – I don't know how you do it!!! I can't wait to read them all. Even though I don't like carrots much I think I will try some of the carrot cake jams and carrot butters – they may make me a convert! My hat is off to all you folks who contribute. I'm having a ball.

  • Mimi says:

    Great round up, thank you! I can't wait until March.

  • Liz says:

    I'm sad that I missed the first month and now can't join in! Do you make any exceptions? I posted during the designated time!

  • tigress says:

    terri – i know! i will be growing more carrots in my garden for sure this year!

    carter – i will take some photos for sure! and thanks for updating your post.

    laundry etc – and i'll venture to say, the more carrots you have, the better they look polished! ;)

    local kitchen – i'm up there!

    leena, kathy, – sounds good!

    liz – sorry, i do need to stick to what has been put forth. but by all means, continue to follow along!

    and thanks all! :)

  • Gramma Greenjeans says:

    A great roundup (again). Looking forward to March.

    Just an FYI – Another reason not to use oil in canning recipes (unless specifically called for) is that the oil can insulate the botulism spores from brine or liquid (even if it's acid), and provides the little buggers with a perfect anaerobic (no air) environment.

  • Julia says:

    Incredible job, Tigress and fellow canjammers! Man, are these round-ups going to be indispensible by the end of the year, or what?? Good thing I have some carrot tucked away…

  • Shae says:

    My "Speedy, Spicy Pickled Carrots" turned out yummy but they're a yawn compared to some of the folks who really worked the beta carotene this month. I'm looking forward to the March challenge!

    Oh, and I have to say that Cosmic Cowgirl's photos make me want to try to make everything she posts!

  • Melanie says:

    That is EXACTLY how I looked when I heard 'carrots' for this month ! The pickles I made (Vietnamese carrot and Daikon)are okay but I wouldn't make them again. But the round-up has tons of 'grate' recipes to recipes to try. Thanks for a wonderful round-up, Tigress.

  • Sadie says:

    Carrots are not my favourite food. But if you pickle them, it becomes a whole new ballgame. I too made the Vietnamese Carrot and Daikon pickles which turned out quite well – next time I'll make them closer to the time I buy the daikon so it doesn't have time to soften quite so much. I also made some spicy carrot pickles based on a recipe from Small Batch Preserving but adulterated to the extent that the only similarity is the quantity of brine to carrot. These are so good I am acquiring a small cult following among friends and family :) I'll post pictures to flickr shortly. Thanks again Tigress for setting this all up!

  • Doris the Goat says:

    Tigress, you are amazing! Thanks so much for a fabulous round-up. I only wish I had had access to all of these fabulous ideas before I made my own chutney. And yes, info about that jar soon….life is….hectic.

    The Goats

  • Elle Ross says:

    It was a great month and I learned quite a bit about the canning of low acid foods- good thing with march being alliums..
    Also re-learned how sweet carrots are, probably why they make delicious jams and sweet-tasting pickles.
    By my count, we lost about ten people from January to February, it should prove interesting how many make it to the end- let's keep it up guys!
    Awesome experience and onward we go!

  • tigress says:

    gramma greenjeans – thanks for that, it makes sense.

    thanks everyone else, glad you are enjoying the round-up and yes i agree; everyone is doing an awesome job.

    elle ross – yes we lose a few each time, it's a commitment! ;)

  • Kerri says:

    Wow – look at all those carrots! I have been a canning fool lately, too, but no carrots. I took a huge can of tomato sauce and a huge can of crushed tomatoes from Sam's, seasoned it, added lemon juice and turned it into a ton of half pint jars of pizza sauce. Had our first jar of it today and it was perfect, way better then store bought. I've also pressure canned 2 big batches of beans (pinto & black beans.)

  • Tricia says:

    made your carrot coconut mutney adaptation but used half the amount of shreds. three 236ml jars. i cant wait to taste it on a home-made lamb burger!

    thanks for all your great recipes, btw.

    i'm making your thumbprint recipe tonight with some award winning marmalade i picked up a local marmalade day festival last weekend.

  • Andrea says:

    I realized that I never posted my carrot canning! Anyway, I was rather hesitant about the carrot challenge because I'm a little weirded out by carrot jams and jellies, and I've never liked a pickle in my life. However, I've only had pickled cukes (and I'm very particular about cukes anyway), so I decided I might as well pickle my carrots ('cause I do adore vinegar). I followed a very basic recipe and did a ridiculously small batch.

    1/2 lb carrots, quartered and cut to fit in a 1/2 pint jar and blanched for 5 minutes
    1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
    1/2 cup water
    3/4 tablespoon salt
    a few peppercorns, some nutmeg, a small pinch ground cloves

    I'm still waiting on the results…

  • Anonymous says:


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