can jam january round-up: citrus

January 27, 2010

photo diane d’angelo

remember that brady bunch episode where jan was going through middle sister angst?

“all i ever hear is… marsha, marsha, marsha!”

i wonder what jam might be going though this month…

“all i ever hear is marmalade, marmalade, marmalade!”

…as she goes rolling to the back of the larder and throws herself on the shelf, glass first.


yes we did a lotta marmalades this month. it was so great to see so many versions and techniques …and citrus!

and pretty incredible to read all of your posts, so much enthusiasm, so much creativity, …so many citrus!

my friends, we are off to one hell of a jam! just look at what we did!:

photo rufus & clementine


blood orange marmalade – rufus & clementine
tenacity? i’ll say; at first she didn’t like the set, so she popped the tops, added the juice and bam! -perfection!

blood orange marmalade – post-industrial eating
a lotta learnings; 1)using a mandoline 2)patience, & 3) small batching. nice!

blood orange marmalade – sticks rocks and dirt
sara says she has a problem: now everytime she goes to the store she wants to buy more citrus to can. problem? what problem?

blood orange and meyer lemon marmalade – the kitchenette
here’s to getting your lids popped…no more canning virgin. congrats! it does look lovely. (be careful about the headspace though, i see a bit too much in that back jar)

blood orange port marmalade – leena eats this blog
blood & port – very medieval my dear. i like it!

blood orange port ginger marmalade – the 3 canners
i particularly like the last ingredient – but don’t you think you should add a 4th? (for moi!)

buddhas hand jam – cafe del manolo
manny talked to the hand – buddha’s that is. adding liquor to a divine citrus part? blasphemous, i tell ya, but delicious i bet! and what’s this!?

citrus marmalade – family & food
oranges, grapefruits, kumquats, and (wow! carumba!) carambola too!

citrus marmalade with dried apricots – better gardens than home
mmm…we like a turkish twist – (no that’s not a dance, it’s dried apricots, sillies!)

chili orange marmalade – for better or worsted
not spicy enough? maybe try some little thai babies next, or some haba-haba-habs! yowch!

clementine marmalade – simply loving home
oh my darlin’ oh my darlin’ oh my darlin clementine…melanie’s not sure, but her dad sure will be!

easy microwave meyer lemon marmalade – put up or shut up!
forget the complicated kumquats! you should know nina – less is more. thanks for the easy breezy marm!

four (and a quarter) fruit marmalade – flamingo musings
no bitterness in the citrus party in a jar! or if you like a little bitter-umph try her ruby red grapefruit marmalade

grapefruit marmalade – the artisanry of acorn cottage
alison took a page out of nigella’s book…it’s all about the boiled fruit.

grapefruit marmalade – toronto tasting notes
tips on citrus slicing from sarah’s pro-chef sweetie. can we see the video – pretty please?

grapefruit marmalade??? – fotos by meg
a marmalade newbie, she tried but maybe didn’t conquer…that’s ok cause feb’s around the corner! :)

honey clementine marmalade – outpost 505
be careful with the headspace – it looks as if it’s coming up short. unpreserved preserves aren’t fun. (but otherwise it looks lovely)

kung fu lemon marmalade – the wynk
i have to oh, and the marmalade? it’s bitter and peppery…score one for melissa!

photo laundry, etc

lemon fig and lavender marmalade – laundry, etc.
i’m speechless.

lemon marmalade – notes from a country girl living in the city
woops, too bitter for angela’s taste. she’s pickin’ herself up by her screw caps though, and giving it another go! :)

lemon and blood orange marmalade – living home grown fresh
yay! 2 thumbs up…and i like the ‘secret ingredient’ in salad dressing tip. sorry, not so secret anymore – but thanks. ;)

lemon-vanilla marmalade – sugarcrafter
see how easy canning can be? tracy did, i think she likes it!

limalade - sticks spoons spokes
i like the name, i like the fruit. who says lazy canners can’t make marmalade? ;)

lime marmalade – bread making with the bread experience
good tip: soaking the limes overnight helps to remove bitterness. one question: cathy do you like it?

lime marmalade – bigger than a breadbox
her cooktop a little worse for wear, but mimi’s sure not. she’s ready for the next one! (i think!)

lime ginger marmalade – the local cook
YES! (and i don’t do that lightly) you got it! – the challenge is about learning. (but i’m still happy you find the bitterness fascinating)

lime lemon marmalade – food and books and stuff. fun.
jennie couldn’t keep the bloody oranges around, or the tangelos: kids, or citrus hoovers?

lime on lime shred marmalade – tigress in a jam (and a pickle)
works for me! i can’t stop eating it, the lime that is, the jury is still out on this.

meyer lemon marmalade – married with dinner
this recipe is all about the meyers. makes me want to tryers!

meyer lemon marmalade with ginger & rosemary – prospect: the pantry
lemon from a known tree, what a luxury! lucky you. and the rosemary?…good choice IMO!

meyer lemon-cara cara orange marmalade – bklyn forager
kristen…you need to taste it! …inquiring minds wanna know!

meyer lemon & vanilla been marmalade – runaway october
vanilla & meyers: divine! …but the upside-down jars in the top recipe?

orange marmalade - all types of cooking, and a whole lot of canning here!
lemonchello? now that’s a twisty twist.

photo diggin food

orange marmalade – naturally frugal
chloe’s love of the great marm goes waaay back! it’s in her blood – er, cara cara that is.

orange-grapefruit marmalade – green anthropology
this peel-less version (although you’ll have to peel more) takes the bitter out of bittersweet.

orange lime marmalade – thinking out loud
tenacity…if at first you don’t succeed, open them up and try again. dd’s industrious too! (candied citrus peels – she said!)

orange rosemary marmalade – wine book girl
this has gotta be good ’cause it’s from jerry traunfeld’s book – my herb idol (yeah, i have one, so?)

roasted lemon marmalade – kitchen jam
roasted fruit – i like it! here’s the question: is it about the texture, or is it more lemony too?

ruby red grapefruit marmalade with vanilla – grow and resist
boiled fruit? immersion blender? …this girl’s got time-a-savin’ on her mind, and in her kitchen.

saffron spiced marmalade – put a lid on it
…and cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, anise, coriander & ginger! elle’s nose knows.

smooth marmalade – around the homestead
another girl who ain’t got time to spare…a food processor is a canjammers friend. orange-y, she said!

strawberry lemon marmalade – doris and jilly cook
a must-read expose on sugar-in-jams, and a recipe ready to fight the good fight with my army of chilly little strawberries in the freezer.

tea infused hibiscus flower & blood orange marmalade – intellectual relish
big, bold & meaty, with notes of hibiscus flower… sounds like a fine wine, or marmalade!

texas ruby red grapefruit marmalade – the cosmic cowgirl
ok, those jams sound like fun! and so do these: one with local honey & the other with vanilla bean. …oh, and love those labels!

three citrus marmalade – three clever sisters
at first she wasn’t sure whether marmalade was her thing, but sarah ‘acquired’ the taste quite quickly it seems. (!)

three years and a day marmalade – hip girl’s guide to homemaking
jam-bitching and a sticky-less kitchen – this girl’s on to something. and happy anniversary kate!

tricalore spiced citrus marmalade - sustainable pantry
fennel, ginger & citrus, what a wonderful combo..don’t fret over the too-loose set. when things go awry, a sauce is infinitely better than a paste.

triple citrus & star anise marmalade – small measure
oh my ashley, you used anise, you made a tart, you made a trifle, you linked to mark bittman. you put me to shame, but i love ya, and your can jam recipe!

vanilla grapefruit marmalade – stetted
ahem, maybe i should interject here…marmalade is supposed to be bitter! ;)

photo local kitchen


lemon curd – mock paper scissors
4 cans: 2 went directly in the fridge ’cause they sprung leaks, and 2 were perfect. what’s that equal: 50% success!

lemon curd – oh yes i can
bottled lemon juice? like a good canner should, denise consults the experts when it comes to questions on canning safety.

lime curdlocal kitchen
it’s safe for a water-bath but kaela still asks; curd, to can or not to can? ooh, …this just in!!

orange curd – kim’s quilting adventure
looks delicious but i say this: curds are tricky for the hot water bath process. because of the eggs & butter, a fruit with enough acid must be used to ensure safety. consult with the usda on orange curd.

photo robbing peter

jams & jellies

blood orange jelly - dawnabelles
tastes like marmalade, feels like jelly – look ma! no peels!

citrus jelly with ginger and honey - putting by
steady stream of citrus? very nice in-laws! verdict: good stuff, but maybe heavier on the ginger next time.

cold-soother jelly – seasonal menus
ginger, lemon & honey… riccola in a jar? sounds like the perfect thing for a cold, or cold weather.

honey lemon jelly – diggin food
…or honey lemon goodness, or my personal favorite: damn! i made some good jelly!

key lime pie martini jam – le jardin de ma vie
…it’s all in the way you slice the limes. cheers to that!

lemon jelly – sweet and sour preserve company
sweet, sour, intense lemony flavor..uh, did i ever tell you how much i like you? :)

lemon jelly – the ongoing debacle
jelly, concentrate, whateva…the point is: you did it! …and, february’s a new day! :)

orange & pinot jelly – showfood chef
june taylor workshop? – i’m jealous! so west coast. so wine-y…looks, uh, amazing!

orange thyme coriander jelly
– robbing peter
thyme and coriander – i’m intrigued. but what pray tell is barbara doing with those meyers – mangled in the fridge? :)

tangelo lemongrass jelly – what julia ate
lemongrass?! …excuse me while i run to my kitchen and make this right now. hey wait! – you don’t live that far from me, do you?

tangerine jam two ways
jalapeno, and boozy. and they seem like doozys. ;) improvising is ok in citrus jams & marms, but not safe when dealing with lower acid food stuffs.

tangerine lemon jelly – plot 22
i like the rating: beginner. and i like the go-with suggestion: buttery biscuits. my fave!

photo food in jars

misc citrus preserves

canned clementines – food in jars
i want these clementines, i want these jars, i tried to eat my screen. srsly.
nuff said? nah, cause there’s this too!

citrus sauce – dust bath
catalina gets saucey with minneolas & ginger beer…watch out! ;)

crimson honey grapefruit – mother’s kitchen
mk got down with the grapefruit and honey, and cranberry juice. damn, it’s pretty!

lemon prune honey butter - stephen’s recipes
buttery, citrusy prunes…sounds like a match made in heaven. newbie or no – good choice.

lemon squash – well preserved
love the name, love the creativity, love the flavors! …and who doesn’t love lemonade?

light citrus strawberry spread – big black dog
tart, buttery and low sugar and it’s definitely pretty in pink!

orange marinade – cooking is like science
cooking is like science…and so is canning. …now about that ph meter. very handy!

oranges cointreau – orangebloss
all in an hour you say? see, that’s what i’ve been tryin’ to tell ya’ll! cannin’ isn’t what it used to be.

preserved clementines and meyer lemons – market life sf
the right recipe but the wrong jar, oh no!…play it safe & put it in the fridge. did you just say; on top of pound cake? hello!

preserved lemons – inn brooklyn
i admire talia’s perserverance – when i said if they’re not ‘canned’ they can’t be in the canjam – she dropped ‘em in the pot and will report back.

spiced citrus sauce – knit and knosh
how could i forget these little rays of sunshine? looks delicious!

spiced lemon pickles – backyard farms
madame benoit, …lemons in traditional pickling spices…pass the cheddar cheese please!

pickled oranges – cafe libby
libby switched fennel for the clove & cinnamon, an even trade IMO… and that orange cake – wow!

spiced oranges – the reclusive housewife
…and three citrus marmalade, and sunshine citrus dessert sauce, and, uh, gumption!

vanilla scented grapefruits & anise kumquats – planet eve
what, wait. anise & kumquats? ..and fennel. what’s going on here? …my skool if ever there was one. :)

…whew, that was a jarfull!

if you are a participant and don’t see your link up there then one of three things happened:

1) you posted a recipe entry but not within the designated time-frame.
2) your recipe did not include water-bath canning.
3) you didn’t post nada. (by the time of this round-up)

for 1 & 2, i say don’t sweat it. you tried your best and now you know, and ya got 11 months to go!

for 3, for sure you are most welcome to follow along and tell us how goes it. because hey, you’re always welcome to the party here. but if you can’t commit to posting each month, than i can’t commit to rounding you up if & when there’s random months you decide to post.


tap, tap tap….excuse me, quiet please – please listen to the following VITs (very important things)


the next food in focus can be found at doris and jilly cook. these lovely goats have until midnight this friday the 29th before which they must end the suspense!

february’s recipe posts must be posted between sunday february 14th to friday february 19th with midnight on friday being the cut-off time. please note: can jam recipes posted before feb 14th and after midnight on the 19th will not be included in the round-up post.

i have a couple of other things up my sleeve – hint:

photo cosmic cowgirl

i’ll talk more about these later, ’cause my throat hurts!

(i don’t want to blow my cover or nuttin, but there’s a give-away happening right under your noses for all the canjammers listed above, and non-blogging participants – you have till friday at midnight to tell us about your adventures this month to be included in the drawing – i’ve got my list, i’ll be checkin’ it twice!)

please, let’s get some lively chatting going on up in here, … about marmalade, citrus, hot-water baths, sugar, jelling, all of it! :)


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  • Joel says:

    You dropped a SNAP…oh no you dinnt….

    Awwesome roundup – you are a heck of a host…

    Although I mentioned this in the post, I had a wonderful misadventure this month. It wasnt so wonderful at the time but I did laugh about it…

    We did 4 variations of lemon squash (lemonade) – all were timed to hit the water bath at the same time. I pre-measured the dry ingredients for the 4 recipes and heated up my lemon juice separately. I was definately not in mid season form as it had been about 2 months since we had bottled anything. I was secretly very proud of how organized we were.

    4 batches went into the water bath. I began to clean.I cleaned every pot, proud that I was so organized.

    I began to pull the jars from the water. They appeared promising… Some were darker than I thought they should be… and then I found one more dirty dish – so dirty that it was actually full of 2+ cups of lemon juice…

    I had forgotten to add the lemon juice to my last batch… it was time to reopen jars, re wash, dirty the pans and reprocess the final batch and dirty all the dishes, funnels, lifters and counter again…

    Forgetting to put lemon in lemonade has to be about my silliest folly in all of my canning years. A fantastic, humbling lesson :)

    Thanks for all of your work here Tigress, most awesome!


  • tigress says:

    joel –
    thanks, glad you enjoyed the round-up. ugh! must have had more than snaps coming out-your mouth when you discovered the lemon juice! ;) but all was well in the end i see. despite that little mishap, you guys sound like masters at big-batching!

  • megan/mason says:

    Wow! That's a lot of marmalade!
    I have a bunch of grapefruit leftover, so I think I'm going to have to try one of the grapefruit marmalades with vanilla. Can't wait to see what's next!

  • Miss E says:

    I'm not terribly concerned about the headspace because I don't think the marmalade's going to last long enough to go bad. It's sooooo good!

  • kestrel127 says:

    Oh my goodness, not only did I miss that there was a deadline for this and post on the 24th, I posted this comment on the wrong post! DOUBLE FAIL. Here's a link to my 3 Citrus Marmalade.

  • Sara says:

    I almost bought an 18 pound bag of grapefruit when I was on my citrus shopping binge. I may still with all of these recipes to try.

    I also made an interesting cara cara orange/red onion/coriander seed marmalade that hasn't made it on my blog yet. It goes awesomely with cheese and crackers.

    And tonight I'm finishing my Meyer lemon marmalade!

    I can't wait to make it through reading all of these great recipes!

    p.s. I don't have an "h" on my name
    Sara at Sticks, Rocks, & Dirt

  • localkitchen says:

    Props to you, tigress, for a great round-up! I now have to find the time to read all these lovely posts…

    Off the top of my head, fig-lavendar marmalade sounds like heaven and may have to happen at Local Kitchen soon. And I've always wanted to try preserved lemons (although I think I'll go the fermented route). The picture of that orange-thyme-coriander jelly is amazing (and I'll bet tastes amazing too!) Last but not least, I too am in love with the Cosmic Cowgirl's labels (in fact, I may steal the idea and work some magic on the Local Kitchen labels… stay tuned!).


  • Jennie says:

    Loved it. Out of four jars of the lime lemon marm there is only one unopened jar left. I did give one away as a gift. Laughed when the sceptic in this house exclaimed, 'Hey, this is good'. Did they think that I was making it up?

    Anyway, my other citrus adventure in January involves lemon curd. How come no one ever told me it was so EASY? Three batches so far, either gifted or eaten. Nom nom nom! No need to water bath the stuff as it wouldn't last that long.

  • salad_days says:

    what a wonderful effort by so many canners! by December we're going to have a great reference for 12 different fruits/veggies! so excited for next month!

    it's also forcing me to develop new recipes for my jam company to sell at next years farmers market/craft fairs.

    -liz ( sweet & sour preserve co.)

  • Valarie says:

    This was great fun~ I am one of the late posters (Monday), my apologies…but the round-up was awesome, I appreciate your doing this ~ it was incredible to see the variety of recipes! Thanks again for hosting this,

  • Oh Yes I Can! says:

    What a way to start! I'm so thrilled to be a part of this challenge.

  • Julia says:

    Holy Homework! I know what I'll be reading the next week or so! Great work, Tigress, on an amazing kick-off to what's going to be an awesome year in canning.

    It has been so much fun–and yes, exciting!–to read and learn about all these cool folks doing brilliant things with cans. I haven't done too much citrus canning in my lifetime, so I got pretty caught up in a very delicious way. Good thing Feb's pick is out soon so I can get obsessed with something new!

    Kudos to all!

  • Sara says:

    Wow–what a roundup, complete with teasers! This will be so fun to read through…I've bought more jars at my hardware store (I was expecting to have to explain my purchase in mid-January but they didn't ask) so I am ready for Doris and Jilly's post!

  • Doris the Goat says:

    What enthusaism! And dear God, what have I gotten myself into for next month??? Stay patient, my pretties–instructions for Feb will be up tomorrow (Thurs).

  • Marisa says:

    As a passionate canner, I am gobsmacked by all the deliciousness happening out there! Amazing stuff!

    Thank you, Tigress, for bringing it and us all together!

  • Elizabeth* non-blogger says:

    Okay so being a big dork, I can't really figure out where I am to post for the give away. So I am going to try here! Nothing too exciting during my first canning this month. I am really looking forward to using this canning challenge to hang out with friends. I grew up with stories of women in the kitchen on a farm. They weren't repressed or angry, it was an important job. It was an art to fed 40 mouths multiple times a day. I think we sadly have lost a lot of stories, recipes and bonding, because of our modern day schedules. Life must go on! I hope to take each month to bond and form good stories with both male and female friends alike. Thanks for all your hardwork.

  • Kristi says:

    I tried tasting the marmalade today, and it's still too sweet for me, but Thing 2 wanted it on his sandwich, so all is not lost (I think he was seeing what it would be like to be Paddington Bear). Obviously it wasn't very spicy. I can't imagine why I can't find any other dried peppers around here. I even went to a Mexican grocery!

    I'm also going to look for smaller recipes, as I'm *supposed* to be clearing out my pantry, not adding to it.

    @Sara: I've had to explain that I was using canning jars for canning in August!

    Can't wait for next month's adventure! I've already checked out a couple of canning recipe books from the library for more inspiration.

  • Cathy (breadexperience) says:

    What a great roundup! Thanks for hosting this challenge Tigress! I'm looking forward to trying some of these great recipes!

    In answer to your question on whether I like the lime marmalade – the jury is still out. I like the flavor but it ultimately didn't set properly. It reached the proper temperature and gelled in the pot, but seems to have gotten liquidity on the shelf. Not sure what's up with that.

  • Diane says:

    Tigress: Love your witty descriptors. And the Jan Brady reference — brilliant. Thanks for putting this all together – you rock. I see lemon squash, canned clementines and curds in my future. Robbying Peter: great photo – "sunshine in a jar" Orange, corriander and thyme — sounds like a great combo. Nikki (Rufus & Clementine): what a fabulous, unintentional optical illusion:)

  • motherskitchen says:

    Thanks for the round up….80 out of 140 is far better actual participation than I thought there would be! Great work….can't wait to read them all!

  • melissa says:

    Now I have "Kung Fu Fighting" in my head! Noooooo! :P

    So much fun. I wish I could taste them all.

    Tigress, I want to know WHERE I can get a hold of some of those cute lid labels you have on your jars. I've seen other people with them, too.

  • basecadet says:

    What an amazing round-up of participants! WOW, tigress what an awesome job you've done bringing this together, BRAVO!

    I had a great time learning and trying out my 2 marmalade's for the first time. I think I got a little too excited and ended up with over 20 jars.

    One thing I am now way more confident about is the set. One previous batch ended up a bit too soft and another ended up to hard. Its great doing this by trial and error to get experience on when the texture just right.

    There were so many great tips in everyone's entries and so many new combination's to try. I've spotted a few entries here that I must try this weekend.

    I ended up with a bunch of extra citrus so I also started a batch of Buddhacello and some preserved Meyer lemons.

    Looking forward to next months theme ingredient!

  • Daisy Mae says:

    What an amazing round up! Looks like I have lots of reading to keep me occupied over the next few weeks.

    Now off to see which rule I broke. . .

  • Jennelle says:

    This. Is. Awesome. I saved back some citrus in case I wanted to try some other blogger's recipes. From all these tasty-looking submissions, looks like I'll be going back to the store for even more citrus. Thanks for the roundup!

  • gloria says:

    Wow, that's a lot of cannin. As the token Brit, have to say, I have learnt so much already and there are still a further 11 months to go. In the UK a lemon is a lemon, organic or otherwise, but you have exotic varieties that we never see here. So I am very jealous. Also jealous because your jars look wonderful and exotic to me. I shall endeavour to keep up with you all. Am feeling rather nervous that the next ingredient may mean I have to jump on a plane.

  • Mimi says:

    Love the roundup, and yes, I'm totally ready for the next one.

  • Ruth says:

    Wonderful! I did a lot of poking around the sites before the roundup – wow! Don't forget to see what us non-bloggers did. The flickr posts are beautiful and interesting.

    Ruth – thinking about starting a blog already!

  • MK says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the fabulous roundup! Everything looks great – this will keep me in winter canning recipes for *years*.

    PS I also did a water-bath canned clementine pickle, though not really as part of the Jam. (I was just trying to use 'em up, and saw the recipe while I was hunting for the Can Jam one.) It's here, just scroll down past the grapefruit curd:

  • Melissa says:

    UGH. Epic fail, I'm so embarrassed. I completely lost track of the end date, I guess. Well, I'm going to make the marmalade I was planning on anyway, and then next month, I'll be sure to turn in my project on time!

  • Alison says:

    What a super job you've done with pulling together all the entries. I know that I'll be bookmarking and making some of these recipes in the future.

    Not only did I make the grapefruit marmalade, but I've made three others so far, sweet orange, meyer lemon, and kumquat vanilla. I made twenty jars of marmalade this year, so far! (some have been given as gifts already) The sweet orange was a joint project with my friend Rois, who'd never made marmalade before. We took lots of pictures – Orange marmalade photoessay:

  • Melanie B. says:

    You did an amazing job reading & commenting AND… you are right, my dad & mom LOVED the clementine marmalade, as well as Pete's sister and his 89 year old aunt!! We have one jar left and it is slowly disappearing… it is growing on me for sure! Thanks for all your (must be hours)work in pulling this together!

  • robbingpeter says:

    Color me completely impressed with this round-up. As others have stated, my reading for the next month is right here. I am also thinking about how this is a fantastic future reference point for anyone who might want to can some citrus. I don't think I have seen so many recipes in one place before.

    Now to go and take a look at the Flikr group!

    ps: mangled is a wonderful description of what I did to those poor Meyer Lemons. But they tasted goood.

  • Sustainable Eats says:

    I kept blowing up my blog (still in the works) so didn't get my post included: Bad time to switch hosts!

  • Nikki says:

    My Word! I've got lots of good reading to get to in the next few days.

    Robbingpeter, adorable photo. Diane, I get a good laugh at the thought of my 'meaty' blood oranges.

    I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings for Feb.

    Again, Tigress, Thx Much! This is becoming something I do, not just something to try.

  • Lisa says:

    I'm Wine Book Girl's non-blogging canning buddy so more info about our day of marmalade madness is on her blog.

    I've opened a jar and tasted each of the 3 marmalades we made: Orange and Whiskey, Blood Orange, and Orange and Rosemary. By far, my favorite is the Orange and Rosemary (Herbfarm cookbook). The blood orange is good, the orange and whiskey too sweet. Actually, it makes a pretty good orange carmel dessert topping, nice over ice cream with a little salt (I like fleur de sel caramels, so I figured I'd try sprinkling some over and it helped balance the sweetness). I guess this is the inverse of "making lemonade out of lemons". Next time, I'd use a lower sugar, more pith recipe. It also took longer to jell than the recipe indicated, so the sugar started to carmelize, making a decent carmel, but not great marmalade.

  • Elle Ross says:

    I love it! Looking over the recipes and seeing how many myriads of foods different people can make with just a couple ingredients reminds me of why i became a chef!
    Something surprising to me, though, was how many people never TASTED their creation until AFTER it had been canned, and re-opened. Years in the kitchen has taught me- taste, taste, and taste, again, then have someone else taste it for you. Just don't burn your tongue on that 220 degree jam!
    Thanks Tigress!

  • shannon ( says:

    I didnt take photos or anything! but I canned ! strawberry Lemonade concentrate. and ooooh was it good. My kids are already clamoring to open the next jar.

  • Kate/Hipgirls says:

    Wowza, you had a lot of reading to do Miss Tigress. It might just take me all year to get through this round up!

    Such grace in the recap; I'm SO impressed (with everyone!)

  • Tengrain says:

    Tigress -

    I think the round-up summary took more work than all the marmalade everyone made!



  • growandresist says:

    Fantastic round up…now I have to go through and read them all again.
    I went the easy route this month due to timing but can't wait to hear what the main ingredient will be for February to try something I actually more of. I like the idea of marmalade more than the actuality of marmalade.

    I just canned 8 1/2 pints of pickled lemons following the recipe from Backyard Farms and my kitchen smells rockin'!

  • Daisy Driver says:

    I can't wait to try some of the other recipes. I can't believe I didn't do something lemon. I LOVE me some lemon!

    We actually did two marmalades but only posted about one. We also did a Citrus Marmalade that was delish – I loved it. It had grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime and clems – the color is beautiful and the taste is yummy! I am a marmalade convert.

  • melissa says:

    Elle Ross, I'm with you! How do you know it tastes good enough to keep if you don't taste? I give so much of my jams away, I would be so embarrassed if I gave marmalade to someone and it wasn't bitter, or was too bitter…I taste _everything_.

    Besides, when else can you justify eating jam straight from the spoon? ;D

  • tigress says:

    sara – so sorry! i just kicked that pesky h to the curb up there.

    elizabeth – you just posted in exactly the right place!

    mother's kitchen – it's actually more than that because don't forget there are 30 or so non-bloggers participating and are counted in the 140.

    melissa – if you're talking about those lovely labels up there in cosmic cowgirl's photo you are about to hear all about them and where they can be had very soon – when i announce the winner of the drawing (hint, hint).

    ruth – yes, and thank you for mentioning it – i meant to in my post: EVERYONE PLEASE CHECK OUT THE WONDERFUL PHOTOS IN THE FLICKR GROUP!

    thanks all for your comments, keep 'em coming!

  • Cathy @ ShowFoodChef says:

    Thanx for the quite awesome job hosting. Great idea, and tons of fun to be a part of. I feel a big ol' canning get-together party some time in our future, gang.

  • Cathy @ ShowFoodChef says:

    Thanx for the quite awesome job hosting. Great idea, and tons of fun to be a part of. I feel a big ol' canning get-together party some time in our future, gang.

  • Terri says:

    Ya missed me. Posted on the 18th with a pic and everything.

  • tigress says:

    terri – you are so right and i am sorry! for some reason my google reader had you in there with an old blog address. anywayz fixed now, you're added! :)

  • Just the Right Size says:

    Oh, pooey! I posted my entry too soon and wasn't included (sad clown face).

    Ok, I'll get it right next time.

  • Diana says:

    Thank you for your blog jam project. I don't have a blog but love to jam. So here I am in the background of all this activity giving it my best. I tried Eugenia Bone's Three Citrus Marmalade. A few things to note, I didn't have a candy thermometer but did just fine without one. I would recommend taking as much of the white pith off and eliminating all the seeds–it does make a difference in the bitterness of citrus. Otherwise, have your way with any combination of citrus but stick to the ration of 1 cup of fruit pulp to 1 cup of sugar that Bone recommends. It makes a lovely marmalade and a great base for any sweat and sour dishes.

  • Woodman says:

    Hmm, I think it's time to look for some bread recipies for all the marmalade. Good thing February's isn't a traditionally sweet canning.

  • Pat Steer (Gaelen) says:

    Tigress – this is one amazing round-up. I'll have to come back to take better notes. Meanwhile, you asked 'roasted fruit – i like it! here's the question: is it about the texture, or is it more lemony too?'
    I'm now on microbatch #4, and I think it's more about the taste (although roasting affects the texture, too.) It IS more 'lemon-y' and I have to be very careful adding sugar or it will be toooo sweet. But it's now in my do-it-'til-it's-right recipe category. Can't wait to see the next challenge. BTW Woodman is right…but I didn't make bread (oatmeal blueberry muffins did the trick, tho!)

  • Andrea says:

    I've never had any sort of fruit curd before, so I was operating with no idea of the outcome–but what an outcome it was! Silky, smooth, tangy with a hint of sweetness! It was Yum. Here's the basic proportions I used:

    3 egg yolks, beaten until lightened
    zest of 1 lemon (on a small-holed grater–I didn't want to strain)
    1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
    1 fl oz limoncello (made by a friend of a friend), added after you pull it off the heat

    It was suggested that I add only the beaten yolks with the zest to the heat at first, but I thought that was silly, so I put everything together (except the liquor, of course) on the stove and cooked until it thickened. Then of course, pull it off the heat, add liquor, and jar. The amounts above give about 3/4 c. of product (I used 4 times as much). It also has a relatively thin set, but that might be expected in fruit curd? I don't know… Anyway, I haven't popped the top from either of the jars I tossed in the boiling water bath (I snatched them out pretty quick, so hopefully they've not gone eggy), but the jar I kept open is amazingly tasty.

  • Jane says:

    It was a fun month and the next one looks just has fun. I can't wait to see what everyone does!

    On Jan. post I have done lemon squash, 1/4 oranges in a simple syrup and a few more. Such wonderful recipes.

    Thank You!

  • Anonymous says:

    This was really wonderful. I am really enjoying following along and trying out some of the things that people have made. Looking forward to the Carrot Creations!

  • Deidre says:

    Wow thanks for all this!! I am definitely following along, but such a newbie that I experimented in January and now want to try the things I've seen here. I did just plain jane marmalade, now I'm inspired! By the way, I did mini batches, and none of them lasted more than a week. Too tempting. Will be similar for the carrots – I have NO IDEA what to do, so I'll try something basic and then be wowed by everyone else!

  • psycotic72 says:

    I am not signed up to actually do the can jam but I am following it. And I am in awe. This month I followed the Spiced Pickled Lemons after seeing it posted on Backyard Farms post. I guess we'll see how it turns out in a couple of weeks.
    I am crazy excited.

  • Gramma Greenjeans says:

    Marvelous precis (what a lot of work you put into that!)

    My canning resolution for the year is: if we're not going to eat it, don't waste the ingredients or the time. I had all these wild ideas for citrus, but then I couldn't figure out how I'd ever use any up!

  • Lynn Peters says:

    My printer is working overtime with all the great canning ideas and recipes! I am a non-blogger participant and made tri-citrus marmalade (yes, another marmalade) with pink grapefruit, tangerines and lemon. I have many requests from co-workers for jar donations! I am loving that my pantry is going to be abundant and beautious from this jam!

  • Christan says:

    Oh my! Thank heaven I now have a reference place to find all sorts of awesome recipes!

    Ok, after looking at all the really. cool. blog. sites, I realize that taking pictures of my canning would probably be a good thing! I am not used to cooking to show off.

    I am excited to try this again and I sure wish we were having a big taste-testing get together!!

    Awesome job Tigress! I love your witty descriptions and can't wait to see how it all turns out at the end of the year.

    I thinks me will be making a trip to the library (for a couple of canning books-good idea, btw!) and looking for a good deal on more jars.

  • tigress says:

    hey! – i hear all you non-blogging participants up there! sounds like there was some happy citrus cannings going on in jan!

  • Catalina says:

    Wow! Tigress thanks for all the hard work you put into the round up and the comment you made for each of us. That was so nice! I have enjoyed reading your comments as much as I have enjoyed visiting everyone's blog.
    …..still working through the list…..
    I gave away most of my Citrus Sauce in the gift baskets at my dinner party last weekend, so I have more room in my pantry for next month.
    But I need more jars.
    How do you all get people to give you back your jars?
    I've tried bribing and begging, but it doesn't work.
    I would really like to make a top label that says something like, "Return for a refill." or "Give back to Giver."

  • Charrington says:

    Thanks for putting this together, I’m sure it was a lot of work. I looks awesome!

  • Kim says:

    This was a fun month. I enjoyed my first 2 tries at making marmalade, Blood Orange & Orange & Lime, Lemon, Mint Infusion. I winged both the recipes and I'll be darned…they're good. I've given 2 of each away as gifts already.

    Can't wait until next month…2 days right?

  • Kim says:

    Well duh…should've looked at the link above…mmm…carrots. OK, I have a PC too, can I do that or do we need to water bath can?

  • tigress says:

    catalina – not getting jars back is a problem. i don't give out more until i get the jars back. usually when i'm asked for more pickles or jams, that is the perfect time to tell them they can't have any more until jars are returned! (the label idea is good too – i like it!)

    kim- all of the can jam entries must be hot water bath canned. so that means pickles or chutneys this month! yum!

  • Diana says:

    My in-laws always send back jars with a note that says, "please refill"…they think it's hilarious, and we humour them.

    Also what a huge variety! And carrots next month! In honor I've started looking for some new and different supplies, in addition to some affordable pH meters for those that don't have the luxury of access. I'll put a summary up in the next few days!

  • leena! says:

    I was very excited to participate in my first can jam! My blood orange port marmalade came out a bit more bitter/boozy than I had planned, so I think in the future, I will definitely cut down on the amount of zest and port I use. I can't wait to do carrots in february!!!

  • SarahBHood says:

    This is such a great resource! I hope it stays up for years and years!

  • Sadie says:

    Another non-blogger post. I made Lemon-Pineapple Marmalade from "The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving". Photos are on the flickr group. I'd made Xmas (clementine and clove) marmalade before Christmas and hadn't cooked it quite long enough. This time I overcompensated, and it's a bit stiff. But it's delicious. I'm really curious to try some of the lemonade concentrates listed here. Great job of the roundup – and thanks for thinking of this!

  • Zoey (Vegedible) says:

    I updated my post to include the recipe:

    I really ought to do myself a favour and bake some biscuits or scones or something for this lovely honey lemon marmalade. Next up is the much more worrisome carrot recipe…what to do?

  • Melanie says:

    I made the Spiced Orange Slices from The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving. The shots are on Flicka. The interesting part of this pickle is that the oranges are first simmered whole until soft,sliced when cool then pickled. I thought the initial simmer would be a problem but it worked out, for the most part. I used kumquats, Cara Cara and Moro oranges. The Moros didn't hold a shape. All the meat of the fruit was cooked away.I tossed those and still had more than enough for 4 jars. They are delicious (if I say so myself). Had some with some Monchego cheese and also with pot roast.

  • Kim says:

    Have found a recipe for carrot jam which has cinnamon, cloves and allspice…sounds good but question is what would you eat it with? Carrot pickles sound good too. :)

    And I'll NOT pull out the pressure canner…promise!

  • Karen says:

    January Can Jam was amazingly fun. And I'm learning so much from everyone else. Thanks Tigress. Thanks jammers. Sorry I didn't get to post my kumquat adventures before Friday midnight. The little poachers were beautiful until touched, then puckered up like a mummy whose tomb should have remained shut. I think I'll re-bury them and try again next year.

  • gloria says:

    I've just looked up the Flickr pictures and they are really impressive. Might it be a good idea to have a central forum where information can be brought together and conversations, technical stuff and recipes can be followed. I'm feeling like I've suddenly met over 100 new friends and am having problems remembering everyones (anyones) name!

  • apronstringz says:

    holy shiksa!
    that is a lot of marmalade. in case anyone's really bored and needs more citrus stories, i did a post on my blog a few months back about my first marmalading. i've posted a few more times, but the first one's the funniest.
    and, btw, if anyone wants to do a trade for marmalade, i'll take anything! i've got almost 2 CASES of the stuff. that, my friends, is what you call a binge.
    next up, kumquat syrup. too bad i'm missing out on the can jam.

  • Momma_S says:

    Hi! I'm new to the canning world, and was referred to your blog (lovin it!!). I have a TON of Seville oranges on my tree, and recently made 6 pints of orange marmalade. I'm wondering, can Seville oranges be used in any of the orange recipes here (I can only make so much marmalade)? Thanks!

  • melissa says:

    The thing about Seville oranges is that they are very bitter (which is why they get made into marmalade). So whatever you make needs to have plenty of sugar to balance it out. :x

    You should try this or this …or both! They're not really canning recipes but they sound delicious :D

  • tigress says:

    momma_s –
    welcome and thanks! i agree with melissa, seville oranges are bitter, so you do have to be careful about what you switch them out for.

    apronstringz – you're not missing out. you can follow along and can each month! :)

  • DessertByCandy says:

    One year late to the party but thank you for all the wonderful recipes and inspirations! I had so much fun making my first batch of marmalade using Seville oranges. Your blog is a great resource for preserving.

  • Rebecita says:

    A year on, I have to say THANK YOU for this amazing resource. I'm so glad I bookmarked this, it's hard to imagine a better source of inspiration for this citrus season. And the next, and the next…

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